Near Gray's Island and liberalization starting Baghdadi white

2016/9/4 15:50

{Anbar: Euphrates news}

Rashid feleih said troop leader clan crowd in Anbar province, near the gray Island liberalization starting Baghdadi white.

A security source told {Euphrates news} "znkorh zone and visited Abu fleih, good and modern village West of Ramadi for emplacement sites clan crowd and increase coordination between them and the army to launch a heavy attack to free the grey and white island of Al-Baghdadi."

Confirmed during the visit that "feleih battle will start soon after the completion of the tactical and military preparations of the quality of the troops that are to spearhead this fight", noting that "the quality of the troops that are on the front lines depends on the geographic area and the stvdaih intelligence on armed rallies and ways of defending the villages."

"Intensify intelligence effort before the start of military operations, and collect information on the ISIS Centre of gravity in order to focus the attacking forces against them and editing areas in no time and without losses.

He added that "the popular crowd will have a key role in the process of liberating gray White Island and Al-Baghdadi".