An Indian trade exhibition opening in Najaf with the participation of more than 30 companies


Set off on the international trade show exhibits Najaf Indian actors with the participation of more than 30 companies from leading Indian companies. Indian fair flags official said Sheikh Idris Abdullah said "this show is the first Indian companies to galleries in Iraq to develop economic and trade relations between the two countries, noting that" leading Indian companies are represented in this exhibition of various technological, technical and engineering disciplines and the food industry, construction and others.

The Indian Ambassador said Baghdad Georges Raju in explained that "trade volume between Iraq and India rose to 19 billion dollars by low oil prices, now up to more than $ 11 billion more than 10 billion dollars of Iraqi oil sales which turned into the largest supplier of Indian companies this year and more than $ 1 billion the size of Indian goods exported to Iraq." The Indian Ambassador said that "Indian goods prices quality permits makes it a strong contender for the rest of the world."

The opening ceremony was also attended by the Governor of Najaf loay Al-yasiri, a number of legislative and executive officials as well as businessmen and Trade Ministry Undersecretary.