Iran ready to support any decision on oil production of OPEC freezes


Iran expressed its willingness to support any decision that would restore balance in the oil market, in reference to OPEC Member States sought to activate the freeze production for producers.

The newsletter quoted Iranian oil Ministry official [Shana] a senior oil official was quoted Saturday as saying that Iran is ready to support any decision to help restore balance to the oil market after regaining market share they had before.

She had an affair "by Amir Hussein zamani NIA about Iran's support for any resolution would help restore balance to the oil market and said that the country can only cooperate in this area when you return to the oil market share they had before.

Zamani NIA was speaking after a meeting in Tehran between Iranian Oil Minister Beijing znghanh and his Algerian counterpart Nourredine he.

Iran sent the third-largest oil producer in OPEC-positive signals that it may support the joint action to support the oil market could help to revive a global agreement to freeze production levels.

Scheduled for members of the Organization of petroleum exporting countries [OPEC] informal meeting in Algeria on the sidelines of the International Energy Forum to be held between 26 and 28 September and is expected to try to revive a global agreement on the installation of production levels.

Znghanh confirmed that he would attend the meeting in Algeria.

NIA zamani said that OPEC needs to find a way to revive the quota system.

"Of course if it is a fully functional production State, there won't be any market equilibrium", without mentioning any country by name but appeared to signal.

The Prime Minister Haider Abadi, said last week that "Iraq is the second largest producer in OPEC after Saudi Arabia, would support any decision to freeze oil production levels to boost prices and that oil Minister Abdul-Jabbar to fault said before that the Ministry wants to increase production.

And Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-jubeir said Friday he is optimistic that oil producers moved towards adopting a common stance regarding rough production, saying, told reporters on the sidelines of the current visit to Japan: "we start holding a forum for ideas but there is work going on right now and we'll see what happens in Algeria meeting, and I am optimistic."

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak on Saturday to freeze production will be one of the topics to be discussed by oil producers meeting in Algeria later this month.