/Balance of news/corruption deal details are posted on the Department of agriculture

2016-09-04 at 08:52

Baghdad the balance of news

A parliamentary source revealed, Sunday, the Ministry of agriculture and corrupted files highlighted are contracts "urea and DAP DAB", indicating that the Minister 12% of the total contract value.

The source for the balance of the news/official, contracts for urea and DAP DAB Sanjeev Agriculture Minister and is a military officer and currently a fugitive to Arbil over the contract ", stating that he" wanted to engender national security and integrity. "

He added, "Sanjeev Minister stole approximately $ 7 million of contract value", noting that "all the information is in the Department of agriculture.

The source confirmed on condition of anonymity, that "Parliament will question Secretary of agriculture in the coming sessions backdrop of decades and suspicions of corruption".