Oil and organization of mine clearance are discussing the provision of a secure environment for the work of companies

2016/9/4 14:29

[Where - Baghdad]

Search senior agent for the oil ministry Fayad Hassan Nima, on Sunday, with the Iraqi director of the organization demining [AMCO] provide a safe environment for the work of local and international companies.

A statement by the Ministry of Oil received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "grace received Iraqi director of the organization for Demining and said that the ministry is taking an extraordinary topic of demining military and residues from oil fields and installations attention, adding that remnants of war is one of the challenges facing the oil industry development and gas in Iraq, as well as agriculture, industry and other sectors. "

"The ministry has made great strides in the removal of remnants of war from the oil fields and facilities and have a long way to provide a safe environment for the work of local and international companies."

The blessing "to support the ministry and its cooperation with local and international humanitarian organizations working in this field in order to clean up the Iraqi soil of these residues and open the prospect of a wider investment and development," noting that "cooperation with these humanitarian organizations will reduce costs and expenses and save a lot of money the federal treasury." .

For his part, head of the Iraqi Organization to remove mines crowded Rain "prepared the organization to increase the volume of cooperation with the ministry of oil and its companies and employ all the possibilities of technical teams, along with setups technical and modern equipment as well as the establishment of workers awareness sessions in the ministry of petroleum and its aim of providing a safe environment for the development and prosperity of the oil and gas industry where previously the organization that has effectively targeted scanning and removal on humanitarian targets, where is the national Organization for demining one accredited organizations by the United Nations and international organizations in this field. "