Electricity: Monument mobile station instead of a cement plant Fallujah

2016/9/4 14:17

[Where - Baghdad]

The Ministry of Electricity, Sunday, monument mobile station instead of the cement plant Fallujah.

The ministry said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, "The engineering and technical staff in the Directorate-General for power transmission Supreme Euphrates region, completed the interim plan to restore electrical power to the city of Vine and part of the area of ​​Fallujah."

He pointed out that "the action plan included the monument transformative mobile station 132 kV instead of Falluja cement manufacturing plant, which has been devastated by the whole Daesh terrorist gangs."

The statement continued, "it was the delivery of electrical power to the new mobile station of the power transmission line [of Fallujah, west of Baghdad Cement] 1 + 2 /132k.v to nourish the vine, which the city will reflect positively on the return of displaced persons to their homes," noting that "work is continuing to rehabilitate Station north of Fallujah secondary 132 kV, to repair a damaged transformer to maintain the continuity of the electric grid work and ensure its stability. "