Shiite Waqf looking internationalism with the mission of holding an international conference to discuss theories of Imam Ali in the field of human rights

It intends Shiite Endowment held a major international conference in collaboration with the United Nations on the Rights of the historic document in front of Ali G covenant owner Ashtar, which included a humanitarian principles and theories of profound and sophisticated discuss rights violations ...
A source media Emiri told Nun news reporting that the agent Bureau President Dr. Ali Al-Khatib met with representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubis in UNAMI headquarters in Baghdad and handed him your proposed to hold the international conference, which proposed the Court held in one of the world capitals and famous to highlight the humanitarian dimensions and principles Human rights, which advocated by Imam Ali, a long time ago, especially his reign to Malik Ashtar explaining that the proposed conference titled (human rights between the theories of thinkers and aspirations of the oppressed) and the source noted that the agent head of the Shiite Endowment across during the meeting the desire of the large Court to hold such a being draw public opinion to major violations of human rights, especially in the Middle East Conference and its role in the definition of the world the high principles of the Islamic religion, pointing out that the Court seeks to hold a conference with the participation of the theorists of global politics and international experts of what constitutes human rights of great importance to nominally in these times. . the source said that Sheikh al-Khatib stressed that the representative of the secretary-general in Iraq expressed great welcomed the idea as he considered a new entrepreneur and quality possible to contribute to correcting many of the beliefs prevailing global community explaining that he will address the higher authorities of the United Nations in order to hold the conference in the coming period .. He explained that the two parties agreed to determine the representatives of the Shiite Waqf, the Office of the United Nations in Iraq to put convene a conference standards .. the source indicated that Dr. Al-Khatib him at the end of a meeting with United Kingdom representative translated from the reign of Imam Ali Malik Ashtar copy and a copy of Nahj