Daesh choose "media spokesman," the successor to Adnana

Being Daesh terrorist leader Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi , interviewed in the city of Raqqa for candidates to succeed the media spokesman of the organization Abu Mohammad al-Adnani , who was killed in an air raid a few days ago, the Americans and the Russians fought to make.

The newspaper Sunday Times short list of candidates for the post Aladnana in the organization, led by the Bahraini Turkish coffee Ali, Ali Moussa and Syrian Ahawakh (Abu Luqman).

Turkish and a 32 - year - old, and is now considered a top - notch theorists have regulation, attributed to the legitimacy of the paper justified the rape of women who Aloesideat Astabdhn organization in Iraq.

There are reports of his arrival to the highest positions of advisers legitimate organization, some of the states that he lives up to the position of "Mufti Daesh."

The Abu Luqman amounts to 43 years old, he was the first governor of the paper after the occupation of Daesh her, and is believed to be the supervisor of the trade Daesh in oil wells seized by regulation.

More than once announced that he was killed in a raid by coalition forces against terrorism, but what seems certain that he was stabbed once at the handsof Libyan fighters in Daesh protest at its treatment of foreign fighters in the organization.

And active Abu Lukman , for the benefit of the organization in Iraq before, and is one of the most important leaders who are recruiting foreign fighters for the organization.

But the Sunday Times refers to the difficulty of filling the void left by Aladnana, not only to the multiplicity of roles that was carried out , besides being a media spokesman but also for its position.

Aladnana was one of the few leaders of the organization founders, it has a history with al - Qaida, then al - Qaida in Iraq , led by Jordanian Abu Musab al - Zarqawi.

The paper quotes a terrorism expert Colin Clark in the US Rand Corporation said, it was difficult tasks that someone Aladnana acquired by long experience.

The paper points to the possibility of the division of tasks Aladnana more than someone to be chosen media spokesman from among the
candidates being Baghdadi interviewing them.