Iranian newspaper headlines on Sunday.

Iran 's most prominent headlines of the day Sunday, 09/04/2016.

Rocket «Volcano 1» Yemen poses a strategic shift and missiles Volcano 2 and 3 on the way
Abadi: We faced a major security challenge .. and the end of this year Daesh
Leader of the Revolution of the authorities of public policy for the family system
The commander of Iran 's air defense: ready to respond firmly to any threat

Kayhan Arab
UN: More than 10 thousand dead victims of the war , Saudi Arabia and its allies on Yemen
Statesmanship and wisdom of Sultan Qaboos stirring mad Al - Saud
Bahraini opposition: provisions against malicious scholars with distinction and continue the policy of sectarian persecution
Kuwaiti MP Dashti: What is happening in Bahrain is bullying the people of Saudi Arabia

Minister of Agriculture: the agreement with ICARDA achieve a quantum leap in the field of rain - fed agriculture
Head of the French Parliament to visit Tehran next week
The secretary - general of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries tomorrow in Tehran
471 foreign companies are looking for ways to enter the Iranian market clothing

Putin: Libya, Iraq and Syria are paying the price for an error outside interference
Muqtada al - Sadr demanded the Iraqi government officials the implementation of general strike
Al - Jazeera: the announcement of a ceasefire week in Aleppo

Iran and Algeria to consult on improving the value of OPEC oil prices
Haaretz: the military capacity of Hezbollah pose a significant challenge to Israel
Abu Sayyaf group claims responsibility for the terrorist bombing in the Philippines
Putin: the agreement with the US to resolve the Syrian crisis is about to happen

Turkish army occupies the second city in northern Syria
Al Khalifa decline against the will of the Bahraini people and the establishment of Friday prayers , after six weeks of her arrest
Turkish Prime Minister: Turkey began serious efforts to normalize relations with Egypt and Syria
Palestine Today: Egyptian officials announced the reopening of the Rafah border crossing starting from Saturday for two days to cross the patients only

Homeland Emrouz
Velayati: Iran and China have a common position on the Syrian crisis
Abdallahaan: say aloud Tehran 's support for Syria will continue
Iranian Foreign Ministry: Saudi bring sanity place of illusion
The military government to restore Kashmir