Deputies: Iraq succeeded in gaining international support 9-3
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Thread: Deputies: Iraq succeeded in gaining international support 9-3

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    Deputies: Iraq succeeded in gaining international support 9-3

    Deputies: Iraq succeeded in gaining international support

    9/4/2016 0:00

    The world sees that the end of «Daesh» will be in Mosul

    BAGHDAD - Muhannad Abdul Wahab

    Praised parliamentarians, Iraq's success in winning and attracting international support, especially after achieved consecutive victories on «Daesh», the liberation of its territory through concerted sons of all components with the security forces and the popular tribal and Alhacdan, stressing at the same time, Iraq was able to provide his point of view to the world about the war against Iraqi military Alarhab.nagahat, invited a number of MPs to call on the international community to increase the size of its support for Iraq on several levels, especially financial and military, as well as support for reconstruction efforts in areas that are safe, arguing that the increased support for Iraq at this stage will be crucial, especially with the approach of the battle to liberate Mosul.

    He said the Committee on Foreign parliamentary relations by Rinas Gano: «The« Iraq fights against «Daesh» on behalf of the world with the participation of both his sons, from the Iraqi army and the Peshmerga folk and tribal and Alhacdan, so the world must be other strong hand that extends to support Iraq in its war against the gang terrorist ».

    The Gano in a statement to «morning» that «the world is now a working group on assistance Iraq in order to eradicate terrorism, which began moving to the world, so the world is important now is to provide financial and armament support for Iraq as it stands against terrorism« Daesh »and prevent its transmission to the world »He pointed out that« the whole world that recognizes the importance of the battle against «Daesh» as historical and articulated and important », adding that« the world is required to provide all the help, support and backing for Iraq to be able to continue its fight against terrorism ».

    On behalf of the world

    For his part, explained the Foreign Relations Committee member Razak al-Haidari, that «the international community to activate its promises towards the support of Iraq, particularly as it fights terrorism Balgnapeh from the world, which is at the gates of the Battle of the elimination of gang« Daesh »criminal, so the world must participate in providing all the types of support at all levels, both of which the military or in the field of reconstruction ».

    Haidari said in a statement to «morning» that «Iraq has succeeded in expelling« Daesh »and edit Iraqi territory, and today all Iraqis participate in the war on gangs« Daesh »which refers to unite efforts against terrorism» and pointed out «the importance that this support be on several levels, including training and arming the military support, and this support with respect to reconstruction, because Iraq made a lot of victims and served as a gateway to defeat the gang «Daesh» terrorist. »

    Logistical support

    For his part, head of the center, "political thinking" d. Ihsan al-Shammari that "by virtue of Iraq topped the list of countries that deal with terrorism in the world, and one of the most important things is the responsibility of the international community, is to provide logistical support in all areas of military equipment and other types of support and in connection with the next reconstruction." He said in a statement the "morning" that "Iraq has succeeded in connection with the submission of facilities from the international community and show a lot of cooperation at all levels and in the interests of the service of Iraq, including the presence at international conferences and he managed through which to convey the true face of" Daesh "and gets international support. "

    And that "the support that he got Iraq was at the level of the displaced, and the other thing is to get support for the reconstruction of the cities, and these funds were unremitting efforts of the government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi," and pointed out that "support for Iraq in the previous times, it was not level required, including the battle of Salah al-Din, and despite the presence of air strikes, but that Iraq has suffered from a shortage of arms and military equipment. "

    Message to the World

    Shammari stressed that "the battle of Fallujah and the victories of the Iraqi army which, given a message to the world and restored confidence in Iraq, so he was able to get international support," stressing that "there is transmission, the quality in the volume of international support for Iraq by the international community in connection with the aspect of armament," and noted that the "the world thought that the end of" Daesh "it will be through the battle of Mosul, so will try to increase support for Iraq in the battle of Mosul."

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    Re: Deputies: Iraq succeeded in gaining international support 9-3

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