The strength of the national economy and activating the agricultural production to economic

9/4/2016 0:00

Contribute to price stability in the market

BAGHDAD - Hussein Tgb
The private business sector is important axis in the stability of supply and demand and to maintain the level of prices in the domestic market, and it is the task of supplying the domestic market, its requirements different, where the Federation of Chambers of Commerce in Iraq continue to follow all of these aspects and work to prevent any imbalance in them.

Federation President Jaafar al-Hamdani said that commercial traffic continuing as normal in light of falling oil prices, pointing out that the activation of industrial and agricultural production to important national economy does not adversely affect the commercial traffic but will do it in the biggest of the need to import the development requirements as well as the raw materials that contribute in enhancing productive capacities, especially as the large volume of work in Iraq it requires a solid commercial sectors.

Development solutions

He said in an interview with «morning» on the sidelines of a donation campaign Blood organized by the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce to support the wounded security forces to the need that government agencies interested in economic affairs is working along with the real private sector to find development solutions that promote the national economy and be of real economic feasibility, particularly that any development movement in the country need to be discreet commercial sector is able to communicate with large economic blocs across the bridges of cooperation achieved solid benefit to the country through the provision of quality for various equipment Sectors.

And on small and medium enterprises loans, Hamadani stressed the importance of support and its role in moving the wheel of the national economy, not striking out that their results can not be touched by the local economy within a year or two years, where he will start small and expand gradually, stressing the importance of activating the work in all production and service sectors in order to raise the level of services and activate the production.

Platform regulator

Hamdani pointed to the importance that there be a curriculum development structured on a high degree of accuracy according to the five-year and decimal annual plans findings by specialized committees fair is following her experience in the field in question and that there is a program of regular visits to all stages of the plan, as should constitute committees from several quarters specialized, regulatory, and there are committees calendar control is working in coordination with the implementing agencies and provides advice prior to implementation in order to avoid delays and get opposed delaying achievement or stopped.

Bring benefits

He said the EU and the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce depend plan to support the security forces and the popular crowd important materials required by the security element on the battlefield, and this is a national duty falls on the family business.

The Hamdani has pointed to activate cooperation with their counterparts regionally and ideologically, noting that the opening to the world helps to attract the big money of the country's capital which can be invested in productive and service sectors through partnerships check beneficial to all cooperating parties, especially the Union touching a real desire for global companies in the investment in Iraq and the consolidation of cooperation, because the country has the most important ingredients for success of the elements of production and the market for the products and services provided by Almcharaa.ofatt that the Union has done its relations with the 14 union and chamber of commerce around the world in order to recruit international effort to serve the Iraqi economy, which is suffering a major disruption in all his joints, He pointed out that the goal of EU expansion to build relations with all countries of the world departing from the country's economic capabilities that can be activated to achieve development Sustainable.