Re commercial life of Rasheed Street

9/4/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
To restore commercial life of the street Rasheed said Central Bank Governor Dr. Ali Keywords, Central desire to contribute to the development of this street under the project «Rasheed Street , the return of the soul» address.

Has been coordinating with several government agencies, including the Municipality of Baghdad in addition to the banking sector Special order to achieve this goal.

The project, to be implemented with special funding to develop the area around the banks and street banks as befits commercial movement and the cultural heritage of the street.

And will be concluded to put the monument bears the names of the participating banks development in the form of a fountain mediated Square Hafez overlooking the banking district judge.

Turn Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Ali Tariq «morning» said the re commercial life of street Rasheed important economic step, as will the development process jobs and temporary and permanent for a wide spectrum of skilled labor.

He noted that the development of Al - Rashid Street will attract a large number of citizens to provide various needs in this place who enjoys the privacy of the Iraqi citizens , and it meant a lot, which reflects a positive reality on demand for all quality exhibits that show there is a level.

He pointed out that the place has a large number of small and medium - sized production plants craft workshops that have low demand its products, noting that the move is a gateway to activate commercial traffic in this vital place.