Attorney-Jubouri: financial statement to try to drag the questioning to a personal dispute
| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad counting member of the Finance Committee MP Haitham al - Jubouri, Saturday, the press release issued by the Ministry of Finance on informed public prosecutor as the person who is about the amount financially to their account outside Iraq, as an attempt to drag the questioning of the minister , Hoshyar Zebari , to a "personal dispute", while He confirmed that the converted amount discovered by the Commission. Jubouri said in a statement that "what was published in a statement , the Ministry of Finance today's disappointing is an attempt to drag the interrogation to a personal dispute to shuffle the cards, as the topic under discussion in the statement and the private transfer of $ six billion and a half billion dollars, discovered by the Finance Committee and is a product of her research and audit is not a product of and discuss the minister or his ministry despite the fact that a large part of the crime related to the ministry that the Rafidain and Rasheed part of the suspicions and place of the investigation by the Department of the Inspector General in the Ministry and under the guidance of money laundering court. " He added Jubouri " The minister did not come with something new but to no knowledge of what was going on was his ministry which bears the primary responsibility to follow up the loss of this money because it is an executive not a legislative action , " adding , "as for what the text of the MP sends books , yes , we have invested and will invest Mansbna the Iraqi people with all service classes and sects to deliver his voice to the government and other state institutions that have made concrete blocks and sniffer dogs shield between them and the citizen's van has not MP this role it is to do so? ". The Ministry of Finance revealed on Saturday, they informed the presidency of the public prosecutor the same day as the person who to transfer a sum of money to their account outside Iraq, as pointed out that the report , which showed the minister , Hoshyar Zebari , with one of the satellite channels are placed with the integrity Commission since 2015. the Zebari said in a televised interview a few days ago, he said that "people had transferred $ 6 billion and US $ 455 million to his account in a particular bank.'
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