Legal expert calls for the formation of a circle of parliament and the government to consider requests of Representatives
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} demanded legal expert Tareq Harb, forming a circle in both the House of Representatives and the Council of Ministers Baltnsseq dealing with other departments to consider requests of Representatives.
He said the war in a press release agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on Saturday, that "talk , who spoke by Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, on Friday, on one of the Iraqi satellite channels expressing complained of the large number of requests from members of the House of Representatives to the ministry asking to do some acts by the ministry , whether part of the authority or outside the authority and assumed mentioned examples of some of the applications received from the House of Representatives, "Mushir that" the defense minister had earlier when he said in front of the House of Representatives many from some lawmakers applications which relate Pttoa hundreds and admitted to the military, transportation and download weapons disclosure and others. "
He said the war that" the subject of the requests that come from some lawmakers to state ministries and bodies, government departments and directorates are becoming more well - known so it requires a return to the provisions of the Constitution and the rules of procedure for the probe of Representatives ,"noting that the Constitution and rules of Procedure seen to parliament" Khioh "one represented by the presidency of the Council of Representatives which is which holds the approaching party and was given a few validity of the parliamentary committees and as outside the purview of each parliamentary committee."
He added that "promote applications of Representatives and the implementation of the ministries violates the principle of equality contained in Article [14] of the Constitution , then it requires chairman of the parliament alert on the provisions of the Constitution and rules of procedure previously mentioned and notice of Representatives that the approaching party must be done through the presidency of the Council of Representatives. "
and it grew by saying that " it is this also requires the prime minister to form {circle} in the Council of Ministers shall Representatives talk to her about their applications to take over auditing these requests of the constitutional destination and the destination of legal and coordination with the departments and directorates concerning the implementation and application of these parties reject the receipt of any book issued by a deputy in the parliament. "
He stressed that" the acceptance of parliamentarians requests either through the presidency of the parliament or through a circuit that will shape in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, "adding that" this suspicion of exploiting influence function and abuse of authority clear from the words of the two ministers and what is known in the Iraqi street that those wanting to appointment, transfer or promotion , or the order of matters relating to the contracts he has to draw on the last to implement his demand. that