Iraq, the richest country in the world in natural resources


Faris Al Salman

Before nearly two years the deployment of the American Institute of Energy report of natural resources in the world , and as shown in the attached table (No. 1) , which shows the first ten richest countries in the world in terms of natural resources. Wealth has been calculated on the basis of the presence of oil and gas, coal, forests and «timber», gold, silver, copper, uranium, iron ore, phosphates.

It comes Iraq in ninth place out of 193 countries (UN member until December 2014)

notes from the report that there is a natural resources in Iraq did not accounted for , many of the geographical patches containing oil, gas, metallic and non - metallic minerals not explored or not yet estimate the reserves in. the

report only to having oil, phosphate and neglected gas, sulfur and silica and other minerals class Iraq and this is to make Iraq be ranked ninth list, and Iraq has 400 sites hydrocarbon has not been excavated yet.

according to the report above Iraq contains 11 percent of the world's oil reserves and 9 percent of the phosphate (according to a report the US geological survey ( USGS) in September 2011) and Iraq occupies the second place in the world after Morocco What mind if calculated entire wealth unexplored or unrated.

Iraq has other sources of natural wealth is sulfur , natural gas and other.

There are two types of sulfur in Iraq miners and oil (separated in oil refineries). And longer Mishraq area in southern Mosul center sulfur mining presence, where sediment sulfur located and extends for a distance of 8 km and a width of 3.5 km at a depth of 80-300m and the thickness of sulfur layers between 20-50m and a sulfur reserves in the region of 600 million tons and is the highest stocks world added to 40 million tons in the slot area in the region (Peggy), and is characterized by sulfur Mishraq turquoise light yellow by the purity of 99 percent. substance Alcaoalin announced Iraqi geological survey under the Ministry recently of Industry and minerals, the discovery of mines containing large quantities of a substance white Alcaoalin, which extracts including high - purity aluminum material within Anbar province near the Iraqi - Saudi border. And the Ministry of Industry «transfer amounts of these metals to the off - site in the form of stacks of marketed to the beneficiaries began the process, to extract then White Alcaoalin higher alumina ratio exceeds 40 percent, a figure that can be with aluminum extraction from this crude». Uranium ore also has Iraq 's reserves of uranium ore in the mines in Akashat on the border with Syria. Has already been to Iraq that produced until the mid - eighties of the twentieth century, at least 164 tons of yellow cake, which was obtained from Akashat mine and has been treated in the Qaim area, and the site built by a Swiss company in a timely manner. At first glance it seems to the reader that Russia and the United States may God them enormous natural resources Ahilthma to be the strongest economic areas and powers of the two there is a stronger militarily certified on a strong economy depends on natural resources. As the table that the first eight countries characterized by space vast and climatic diversity suggests this makes it obvious that the more the geographical area , the more likely the availability of natural resources. We have our part analysis table (No. 1) and by dividing the estimated wealth value of the country 's total area Vantage Annex Table (No. 2) and when Iraq occupied the first place in terms of the natural wealth of the value per square kilometer has been reached ( US $ 36,275) and a difference of more than double than in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. And 84.7 from the United States and 2.8 of Russia , despite the incredible difference geographical Balrqah for the benefit of the two countries. And 9.10 for Canada and 14 for Australia despite being a continent and 2.15 for China. What could be granted Bari Almighty more than that? We made the first country in the world in terms of natural resources , despite the fact that there are fortunes to Iraq not included in Table 1 superiority of Iraq as seen from Table 2 that Iraq may outweigh the three major countries are Russia and the United States and China , though it superiority space, either France, Britain, two of the major countries politically not available two natural sources within the first ten countries, namely that Iraq 's superiority in terms of natural resources on the big five. as Japan is absent and which is one of the eight industrialized nations for this table note that Japan lacks the resources and wealth natural but has achieved an economic miracle. As well as in Germany and the absence also of Italy , one of the eight industrialized nations were absent also Sweden , which is an advanced country in the heavy industry and the absence of Norway, which is one of the rich countries in Europe and the level of social services and the level of per capita income massifs in. See why these advanced industrialized countries, economically, militarily and check the level high level of social services and a strong economy are not available where natural resources such as available to Iraq? human resources that these countries now have their human resources used the human mind in the planning and management, as well as innovation in the implementation of sustainable development plans and evaluate programs and follow - up and strict laws maintains public and private money, as well as maintaining a high level of social services, such as education, health, retirement and other, in other words , that these countries have succeeded in building its national security through the use of the human mind and the national will. Note Table 3 and is the result of dividing the natural resources by the population output, the result was the citizen 's share of the natural wealth available. Saudi Arabia was the first due to the capacity of the geographical area and the limited proportion of the population to the ground. In the second place , Canada and Australia , the third and fourth of Russia for the same reasons tied with Iraq and Venezuela , although the area of Venezuela constitute a weak area of Iraq. But Iraq superiority over Iran , which is larger than about 76.3 , and the United States larger than him by 42.22 times and on Brazil 's larger than him by 42.19 times and on China , which is larger than about 22 times. The share of citizens and the Iraqi amounted to 476,000 dollars from the natural resources available while it was in America 144 000 dollars in China 15 000 dollars only. Economy building and this means that Iraq could if there had been the national will to him to get up and build a strong economy it takes to build a defense force military to secure defend its wealth and he can become one of the major countries, as the expansion of the geographical area in the United States constitutes a burden on the plans and the defense budget , which would be borne by the US economy, while in China, under - resourced offset by a population explosion and the geographical area and wide, who are also constitute a burden on the defense budget and thus on the economic dimension of the state, and for this we find that the Chinese government encourages the migration of Chinese to the world through the migration organization programs sponsored by the state apparatus in order to reduce the economic burden on the motherland, as well as on the composition of human colonies tray in the world serving the Chinese national security. Because of the superiority of Iraq rewards on neighboring countries and other countries of the world to find the regional powers in the distant past occupation is trying to acquire wealth. For the land of Iraq it originated civilizations that provided knowledge of humanity and later Iraq has become a source of unifying thought and human progress by Prophet Abraham, and although invasions of enemies and destroy the civilizations of Iraq , but Iraq continued Brphi the region and the world thought and humanitarian philosophy insured presence, as well as providing the world 's science and knowledge through advancement periods experienced by Iraq. natural resources what I want access to it is that most of the world 's scarce natural resources , but they were used for the advancement of the human mind and excellence and building human and civilized. And God granted Iraq 's natural wealth and the human mind believer in God and in the same time is the mind of producer and creator. Development programs that what Iraq needs today is the will of the National League put the priorities of national interest as a policy graduate and apply sustainable development programs promote the destiny of the country. The work on stabilization of all economic, social and political joints have a positive impact on Iraq 's move to a new stage more sophisticated relying on its natural resources. Pointing to the possibility of cooperation with the effort and the international community to move the country to a new stability and a perfect stage free of all the determinants of advancement and development that confounded the implementation of projects for a long time. Finally , I say that the fight against corruption and the promotion of administrative aspects and the development of planning an absolute necessity for the construction of the national economy and create an attractive environment to invest the wealth of Iraq away all forms of corruption and bureaucracy. economic head of Baghdad 's forum