Rafidain Bank: the announcement of the names covered by an advance of 10 million dinars electronically through meals
3.9.2016 8:19

[Where - Baghdad]
Rafidain Bank stressed that the names covered by an advance state which was launched recently, which amounts to 10 million dinars staff will be announced through the website of the bank.
Press office of the bank said in a statement the agency all of Iraq [received where] a copy of the "bank specific mechanism to know the employees covered by Basalafh mode after scrutiny and take too much in them. He pointed out that he" will be accepted applications names by mail to the bank site lift in the form of meals yet so complete administrative procedures by the employee and give him the advance. "
the statement noted that" in the case of a previous advance of the applicant is a Agaydah settlement or cash and spend the remaining amount of Mstlv. "
the Bank of Iraq was launched last Tuesday, the form for electronic submission of the predecessor state officials of the ministries of her, which amounts to 10 million dinars, paid in the form of monthly installments for a period of 5 years. http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/n...?storyid=47408