Washington and the Iraqi parties negotiate to overcome differences on the liberalization of Mosul


BAGHDAD / Wael blessing

The return of calm to the front south of Mosul after a week of editing hand Qayyarah, in 25 of last August, that local officials "thoughtful" confirms. But the Security Commission Parliamentary talking about the "glitch" military malfunction restore Sharqat, and Hawija, attributed it to political differences "deep "prevents the start of the process of Mosul" serious.

"He said Gen. Joseph Votal, commander of US forces in the Middle East, that the Iraqi forces are" on the right path to restore the city of Mosul by the end of 2016 ".

According to the parliamentary security committee, the "Washington has the greatest in the liberation of Mosul process of gravity." He stressed Votal, in an interview with reporters at the headquarters of the US Department of Defense, in the last week, that "the battle of Mosul," would be devastating because it will take place in "the heart of the caliphate."

US commander and guessed that forced the organization to do the "hard choices" during his defense of Almedinh.ccant Iraqi forces had entered, late last August, to hand Qayyarah, south of Mosul, after heavy shelling of the city lasted 48 hours. The bodies of fighters deployed heavily in neighborhoods Daesh hand, had most of the dead were residents of the city.

At a time when the organization was burned oil wells in northern Qayyarah, prior to the escape of some of its elements to the village "Alahud" nearby. The danger of the village "Alahud" in their occurrence at a high high organization has used to target Iraqi forces. It revealed the battle of liberation for killing a number of militants at the hands of the youth of Qayyarah.

The restoration of Qayyarah surprise, as expectations were going to be starting the process for the Liberation of Sharqat, and Hawija, which left them forces left over after they arrived in southern Mosul.

And the transfer of deputies from Kirkuk, before the attack on the Qayyarah Center, confirmed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi that "Hawija, will be the next battleground, and the battle before."

A shelter for the displaced

Turn Khazaal al-Qaisi, a member of the Council of the province of Salahuddin, said that "no one knows the secret behind not starting edit Sharqat and Hawija process."

He said al-Qaisi, in connection with the (range) yesterday, that he "can not break into Mosul before finding shelter for the displaced people of the city," it expected that the number of displaced up to a million.

Sees local official said "it would be Qayyarah shelter, but before that the government should provide a perimeter Shirqat of Hawija Daesh." Qaisi pointed to "the displacement of about 100 thousand people to the areas of Salah al-Din, 20 thousand of them family in Tikrit alone" .otakrj families per day of Sharqat and Hawija across rough terrain, and fraught with danger, and go through minefields planted Daesh.

Qaisi and finds that "the exodus of locals will easily edit the two towns, because the flight of the population reduces the influence of Daesh" .oiena about one million Iraqis living in the areas between the provinces of Kirkuk, Salahuddin, conditions humane difficult, after the cessation of editorial operations for several weeks without clear reasons.

Security in Qayyarah

In the meantime, the military command began to "install" security in Qayyarah after its liberation. David and confirms the soldier, a member of the security committee in the House of Nineveh open the first police station after Daash.ofatt soldier, in an interview with the (range) yesterday, that "military operations have not yet edit Qayyarah stop," noting that it "according thoughtful plan for the Liberation of Mosul ".

And confirms the Nineveh member of the "troops awaiting the arrival of other troops to Qayyarah to go to edit other areas," pointing out that "the tribal forces and police of Nineveh Tqoman the task of keeping the ground."
But Hoshyar MP Abdullah, a member of the parliamentary security committee, believes that the ongoing operations in southern Mosul, "is not serious yet."
Dispute over Mosul

According to Abdullah, during the conversation with (range) yesterday, "There is no agreement yet on the identity of those who will participate in the liberation of Mosul, the process will be managed and how the city after the liberation."

Says MP from the Kurdish bloc to change that, "The United States is the owner of gravity in the resolution, and it manages negotiations between the parties to the popular crowd, and the government, and the Kurds, as well as the national crowd."

It speaks experts research centers, and retired generals in Washington, for "October surprise" in reference to the battle to liberate Mosul, to coincide with the American elections.

But experts warn that the good preparation for the battle of Mosul remains more important than the timing Elzimna.obdot fuss about editing Mosul in April when Obama told the station, an American, said, "My expectations are that we will have created, by the end of the year, the necessary conditions to enable the fall of Mosul in the end eventually. "

To that attribute MP Abdullah Hoshyar not edit Sharqat, and Hawija to "military imbalance." Considering that the rapid liberalization of Fallujah was "an opportunity not invested" to restore all Almnatq.oary member of the security committee on the "filter" the military leadership all areas of Daesh before the battle of the restoration of Mosul.

Officials had said (range), earlier, he had been scheduled to be freed before the areas of Mosul, in the month of June, but the "poor coordination" prevented this.