Rapporteur of Parliament: point of contention behind the lack of resolution of the Federal Court Act

The number of visits: 999 Published on: 3/9/2016, 14:43

Baghdad / Karbala News:

He said the House of Representatives decision of Imad Youkhana, that there is a moot point are still ongoing between the Kurdistan Alliance and other blocs, on the draft of the Federal Court Act.

He Youkhana told "from Karbala righteousness," that "the Federal Court Act is ready for a vote, but the political agreement did not get it," adding that "the present law and there were some points of contention have been processed, and there is a point between the Kurdistan Alliance and other blocs are still stuck up now it has not been resolved yet. "

He added, "There is no final agreement on the passing of this law during this stage, and we feel it is difficult in the midst of these differences within the political blocs passed during the coming period."

He explained that "the differences are an obstacle to pass this law, because it is one of the important laws that would require two-thirds vote, as it requires 216 votes."

He reiterated that "the law's passage is difficult and requires the consensus of the political blocs and components, so there must be an agreement outlining it."

The legal committee member of the parliamentary Salim Chawki, said on 30 July, for "Karbala news," there Twaqie collected by the House of Representatives for a legal Federal Court display and other important laws on the axes of the next sessions, "adding" there is a desire among MPs and sincere intentions to enact laws broken. "

It is said that, several laws approved in Parliament crashes since the previous sessions and the most important of the National Guard and the oil and gas of the Federal Court Rules and other trace differences that revolve around by the political blocs.