Washington and Moscow are close to agreement on Aleppo

Western diplomatic sources revealed that the United States and Russia are close to an agreement for a ceasefire in Aleppo, and allow access to humanitarian aid from the United Nations and the reduction of the flights to the Syrian regime.
The sources told Reuters, the deal did not reach its final form, though key elements are still under discussion.
It seeks Moscow by agreeing to coordinate with Washington to target militants , "Fatah al - Sham , " or what was known as the Front victory , which the United States considers a terrorist group linked to al Qaeda.
Among the elements of the agreement under discussion would allow immediate access for humanitarian aid to Aleppo via the "Alcastelo" , which is currently controlled by Syrian government forces.
It also provides for limited movement of the Syrian regime aircraft sorties on "non - combat" in specific areas of the city of Aleppo , which share the opposition and regime control.
It is unclear whether the agreement will address to the cessation of hostilities throughout the country, which the United States is seeking to appeal after he collapsed earlier agreement reached by the parties earlier.