Venezuela thwart a coup attempt in the country

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The Venezuelan government announced foiled a plot to stage a coup this week, while the opposition planned to keep up the pressure after the largest protest march organized in more than a decade. The opposition coalition plans to organize more rallies in the seventh of September this to demand a referendum on the removal of the President Nicolas Maduro this year, and by promoting marches in Caracas. But with the procrastination of the Board of Elections in the process Maduro pledged not to carry out such a vote in 2016, it is difficult to know how the opposition to impose the implementation of the referendum. Said Luis Vicente Leon, a pollster of views after the marches Thursday, which was launched by the opposition name (control of the Caracas): "The day that they wanted a rally and peaceful and inspiring, but this success leaves the basic question unanswered, a .. What's next?". At a time when the opposition coalition Democratic Unity announced the agenda for future moves in detail the government collected foreign diplomats to show them how to pamper Many activists arrested and adjust the weapons that there are plans to overthrow Bmaduro force. He said Interior Minister Nestor Riverol diplomats: "foiled coup was planned," the arrest of opposition activists this week led to control of weapons and explosives in a makeshift camp just a few kilometers from the presidential palace. " As after Foreign Minister Delsey Rodriguez said: "Yesterday prevented a massacre" .anthy 29 / A 43