Hammad Shehab: the end of Mahmudiya, south of Iraq Ajam and Arab blood should purify them ??

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Dr. Jawad Hashem on page 95 , where he says:
(Entered the office and found the other two ministers are Dr. Ahmed Abdel Sattar slain Minister of Education, and the team Hammad Shihab al - Tikriti , the defense minister and member of the Revolutionary Command Council, and it seems that the maids and Shahab were the talk of the provinces of Iraq, I heard Shihab say to my neighborhood that all the inhabitants of the region , which lies between Mahmudiyah and southern Iraq are ((Ajam)), and must get rid of them to purify the pure Arab blood.
Hammad Shihab was amazed at the words I said to him: I am a team Hammad of Ain ​​al- Tamur city of Karbala, and Hamid al - Jubouri of the city of Hilla Does this mean we Agamaan? Or do you mean something else, Shihab 's reluctance to answer and the intervention of slaves trying to (correct) Matvoh its Shahab ...... ..
I reached my limit discomfort I took a sheet of Hamid al - Jubouri office and decided to submit my resignation from the ministry, I wrote the resignation of two lines and went to the secretary of the Office of the President pending the virgin interview.
Did not take long waiting, entered on the President and on Mahyay manifestations of resentment, Badrna president asking why resentful, and I told him what had happened and offered to resign, read by the president and then smiled He added: But you know Hammad Shihab that a simple man not understand matters of politics nothing.
- But , Mr. President of the Revolutionary Command Council member, if this logic in the highest authority in the country by how Iraq can advance, but reflects the words of Hammad Shihab march verdict dangerous trend.
- Pristine laughed and said: Dr. Hammad Shihab does not represent any direction, Hammad Shihab donkey, then tore resign. )
This certificate task given by the eldest in the presence of Minister Jawad Hashim right Hammad Shihab , who was leading the most dangerous and the most powerful institution in Iraq, he is a simple man not understand matters of politics is something However this was a column of Iraqi politics columns, and a member of the highest legislative authority, and this simple man is not only donkey in the signal that does not have a mind deserves recognition as pristine says.
The Tomb Hammad Shihab against the Iraqi people from Mahmudiya , until the last point in the FAO, is the right view , which was telling her Khairallah Telfah and with all who have exercised those diseased politics in the deportation and detention and executions with a view to getting rid of the blood that may contaminate the purity of Arab blood on the extent their understanding, this view is the actual direction and the reality within Iraqi politics, and is committed to its School of politicians that ruled Iraq or that was still outside, rather than Saddam Hussein said in his articles arranged by him Mohsen Khalil in the newspaper Revolution after a popular uprising in 1991 titled Why this happened ? Noon where sectarian hatred ugly against the people of Iraq, and re - painted the picture in the mind of the minister ass again from the mind of the leader of necessity where the common Kasemhma always, they are the sons of one school.