Parliamentary Integrity form a committee to reveal personal billions that have turned to their own account
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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Talal Zobaie announced the formation of a committee to reveal personal billions that have turned to their own account.
Zobaie said told {Euphrates News} on Friday that "the Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said that there are documents condemning some officials of corruption and we sent an official letter to the minister's office for the purpose of providing us with all the names mentioned by including personal diverted billions to its own account."
He pointed out that "these things put Iraq in embarrassment in front of the international community and must be combated," pointing to "the formation of a truth commission to uncover these figures cited by Zebari, that stole the people's money and then begin to recover funds in agreement with the United Nations."
He stressed the need to "be there is cooperation with the United Nations and in particular there is a memorandum of understanding with them to combat corruption, and therefore requires everyone to expedite this case to return this money to the state treasury."
He continued by saying that "next week there will be evidence in our committee and we will expose the names and personalities that were stolen Iraqi people's money."
The judiciary has demanded on Thursday, Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari disclose personal name that transformed the billions to its own account.
According to a spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Council spokesman Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar in a press release that "the public prosecutor formally asked the finance minister to clarify his statements regarding the name of the person mentioned in one of the local media that he had transferred a financial amount of six billion and a half billion dollars to his personal account in order to take action legal Bhakh.anthy article.php%3Fstoryid%3D126088&edit-text=