Soft coup d'état against Talabani's heirs in Kurdistan

Friday, September 2, 2016 4:01 AM

Sulaimaniya/ Iraq TradeLink:

The Kurdish National Union Party announced late yesterday a decision to form a "decision-making center" for the party till convening the general congress next year.

The new center, the first and the most important decision, will undertake the political, administrative, financial and military administration of the party "to prevent a group of controlling the party".

The center was initiated by 20 party leading members, including the first deputy secretary general of the party Kousrat Rasoul and the second deputy secretary Barham Salem.

The new center was formed on the day of the arrival of party's leader Jalal Talabani's return from Austria after completing medications there, who left here on 20 July, 2016.

Published medical reports said that Talabani's health is progressing for the better.

It is expected that the new center will organize the internal formations of the party through exchanging roles and how to deal with other parties in the Kurdish region.

Observers in the Kurdish region believe that the sick situation of Talabani led to the control of his relatives over the party, thus neglecting other leaderships.

According to some sources, the new formation will result in "great transformation in the party", that will affect the Iraqi and Kurdish regional politics as a whole.

The statement of the new formation called for solving party's problems through a "legitimate congress", pointing that "there will be no party decision will be valid without the knowledge and approval of the center".

"Till the unification of the Kurdish Peshmarga as a national force of the Kurdish region, all party's armed forces will be under the leadership of the Peshmarga Command", the statement added.

The new formation stressed abidance of implementing the agreement between the party and Change Movement to rectify the Kurdish home, the statement confirmed.

The statement confirmed the joint relationship with the Kurdish Democratic Party and its importance of the stability of the Kurdish region, but this state needed "a review" to create a balance in the region among the main Kurdish political components.

It abided by the right to self-determination and the creation of the "independent Kurdish state" away from partisan inclinations, as well as solving the problems with Baghdad and the return of the disputed areas.

On the other hand, head of Kurdish anti-terrorism forces Lahore Sheikh Jinki described the new formation as "illegitimate", pointing that the decision was "hasty".

He confirmed that joint talks between all the parties shall be conducted in the coming few days to discuss the new turn in Kurdish politics.

Following the declaration of the new formation, Change Movement's leader Noushirwan Mustapha sent a delegation to meet Kousrat Rasoul, advising not to discuss this matter through media organs.