Approve the development of the real estate registration and notary services in Basra

2016/9/2 11:13

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} local Government announced free area of Wasit governorate that the Justice Department agreed to develop land registration services {line} and notary in terms of freemen.

HSS area manager Salman Jassim said in a press statement received {Euphrates news} copy of it, he "got approval to develop after chambers meet Justice Minister Haidar Iraq Ministry headquarters",
stating that "these Chambers will contribute to facilitate transactions of citizens in terms of Freemen and averting hardship travel after it was checked out in a being Ghuraib administratively."

"The development of the real estate registration Department in the Freemen came under the provisions of article {15} of the Ministry of justice system number {26} 1968."

"The Justice Minister promised to work in two chambers shortly after completion of the development of functional structure."

The "side now need real estate registry and notary after raising oil resisting arrest after a decision of the previous system whereby prevention then buy and sell residential and land in the area because of the discovery of oil."

The free hand away Ghuraib 20 km with a population of more than 50 000 inhabitants and comprises ahdab oil investor by OASIS in Chinese lore aldelmg there are a range of hills in the southwest of the district center of Tel, Tel green and other scattered hills in the area.