Kurdish Change has accused some political leaders of covering up the thieves of public money

Baghdad balances News
Called on the Member of Parliament for mass change parliamentary Hoshyar Abdullah, on Friday, the public and public opinion to stand by the interrogations that will contribute significantly to the detection of the corrupt campaign, he expressed his surprise at the allegations of some political leaders that there are points behind the interrogations, accusing them of trying to cover up thieves of public money to keep the country mired in the swamp of corruption. Abdullah said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, he was "at a time when the Iraqi Council of Representatives is moving towards activating its oversight role to fight corruption seriously and disclosed legal and constitutional ways through interrogations, there is a campaign to discredit this oversight role through statements and moves by some dominant power since 2003, the political class leaders until today, because these Unfortunately want to keep the status quo is to demobilize and lighten up through corruption system and continue to collect the spoils and benefits and looting of goods and wealth of the country by the ministries and important positions, has become clear that this layer ruling seeks to keep Iraq mired in the swamp of corruption and to prevent the application of laws and minimize the supervisory role of the House of Representatives arguments are not justified and Boquaouil ridiculous sometimes. " And between Abdullah that "the silence on corruption or misuse unacceptable power, whatever the reasons, it is unfortunate that some of the ruling class figures turned into (Devil's Advocate) to defend the corrupt under false pretenses," asserting that "the Iraqi people if it wanted to cut the road to the thieves and to prevent converting executive position to a way to earn the rewards and stealing public money should support the campaign because we interrogations without real control will not get out of the quagmire of the great corruption that exists in the executive institutions. " He Abdullah was surprised at some of the statements that there are points behind the interrogations, noting that "The purpose of the interrogation is to detect the presence of corruption or lack of it, if there were suspicions of corruption must interrogate the minister and he has to answer all questions to discharged and convince public opinion for his integrity and innocence "he pointed out that" executives and some political leaders are afraid of questioning in the knowledge that there is a real corruption, and therefore are now looking at the interrogation to mean dismissal, while the interrogation does not necessarily mean dismissal, as the administrator can or minister to be reassured and confident of himself if He was not involved in corruption. " "I must pay attention to the Iraqi street and the political elite loyal to is important, which is why every minister when he finds himself surrounded during the interrogation begins to disclose the files of corruption while he was before the so silent? This is what happened in the interrogation of the ministers of defense and finance," he said. " these actions put many question marks, and makes us want to continue questioning to uncover more facts concerning the fate of public money ".anthy 29 / d 24