Daesh attacking DHULUIYA

Network Iraqi position Launching elements of al-Daesh, late last night, an attack on Mtaibijh area south of Salah al-Din, and that the tribes and security forces have fought Joey attribution.
The correspondent said that "militants launched the organization in the late hours of the night yesterday's multi-axes on the security forces in the area Mtaibijh major attack within the area south of Tikrit DHULUIYA" The correspondent added that "the Iraqi army aviation intervention to repel the attack with the arrival of a large military and tribal reinforcements to control the situation." He said the reporter said the attack killed eight army personnel and police, including a colonel, and wounded more than 20 others. The organization had laid siege to the east of the country continued for several months the regulation time to launch dozens of attacks, but he was unable to penetrate the defenses of the area that claimed the lives of dozens of the sons of the dead and injured to enable government forces to break the siege of early 2015.