School: For these reasons, America and Turkey are fighting terrorism

Saw Mr. Mohammad Taqi school, said Friday that the United States is fighting terrorism to overthrow the ruling regime in Syria, while Turkey is fighting to prevent the establishment of a Kurdish state.
The school said in a statement, said , "Despite the fact that the fight against terrorism has become a banner in more countries but each country a different priority."
"The priority for Turkey to prevent the Kurds from establishing their state on its borders, and the United States and its allies in the region a priority overthrow the Syrian regime and prevent the growing influence of the Islamic republic , " adding "we find that some of the forces in our country a priority the strengthening of their movements."
He pointed out that the school "on the nation 's scholars and wise men that Aaznoa sons of the nation that terrorism remains in their own country another day , but for another hour but it is a destruction of their future because the scourge of terrorism might expand and take root in our soil and become eliminated elusive."