The security forces repel attack by the crowd Daesh on "Mtaibijh"

Salahuddin balances News
Repulsed by security forces and the popular crowd, offensive to Daesh terrorist attack from several directions Mtaibijh area south of Salahuddin. A source in the leadership of the popular crowd's / balances News /, "The Daesh terror launched in the late hours of the night yesterday's multi-axon on the security forces in Mtaibijh area a major attack within the area south of Tikrit Dhuluiya," noting that "the attack resulted in the martyrdom of a number of sons Jubouri clans and evacuated eight wounded. " The source added that "the popular forces and the crowd directed its formations to go to the site of the attack and took control of the situation completely," .anthy 29 / D 24