Two years of the life of the government .. Abadi Office announces the completion of the government program rates and close political agreement expanded {}
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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said a spokesman for the Information Office of Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi, Thursday, achievement in the government program and a document of political agreement and the packages of reforms after the expiration of two years from the age of government rates, and in the start implementing reforms.
He said Sabri said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, "with the imminent expiration of two years from the life of the government, and under exceptional circumstances and the challenges of security and economic unprecedented, it originated with the formation of the current government after the invasion of Daesh terrorist to forty percent of Iraqi territory and the resulting wave massive displacement boat number of people displaced by three million five hundred thousand displaced people and the owner of this complex situation of the financial crisis as a result of declining state resources to a quarter of what it was before September 2014, the Iraqi government has been able to regain more than two-thirds of the lands previously Daesh seized power and accomplish ratio high government program where the work was done on the ninety-two percent of the priorities of the six-axes program are following {peaceful and stable Iraq, reform of financial and administrative, to increase oil and gas production to improve fiscal sustainability, the organization - the local federal relations, to encourage the shift towards the private sector, upgrading service and the standard of living of citizens}. "
And be annexed "been completed bills make up eighty-eight percent of the fifteen priority of the government program specific to bills, either in terms of the proportion of the completed document the political agreement that preceded the formation of the government, the government was able to check Seventy-two percent of this document where completed two twenty-paragraph out of thirty-one paragraph contained in the document, and the most prominent bills passed by the Council of Ministers and referred to the House a commitment to document the political agreement and the application of state of the program are the following {project freedom of expression law, which is under vote in the House of Representatives, introduced a draft accountability and justice law, under the voting, banning the Baath Party Law, was voted on in the House, the Amnesty Law, it was voted on, body ensure that the regions and governorates not organized rights province of Law, was voted on, the General Authority Act to ensure balance and according to one hundred and five of the Constitution of the material, was voted therefore, the second amendment to the law of the Federal service project, under discussion in the Council of episodes. "
He said among the laws also {a project of the Federal Supreme Court Act, under vote, a draft EU Council Act, under vote, a draft allocation of federal revenues law, under vote, Judicial Oversight Authority Act, was voted on, modify provincial law, under discussion, Law Ministry of Interior, was voted on, the fight against terrorism, a law was voted on a draft intelligence law, under vote, the draft law of the National Guard, under the vote, a draft law of the popular crowd, which is under discussion in the House of Representatives}. "
And "Regarding firmly reforms launched by Dr. Haider al-Abadi Prime Minister and older year and included five core themes and twenty-three sub-article completion rate it has reached the Seventy-six percent of the material in progress constitute twenty four percent ratio, which require a decision and political agreement was the percentage of completion in these materials as follows {administrative hub, the proportion of what happened to work it is Seventy-seven percent, the financial hub, the proportion of what happened work on it is one hundred percent, the economic hub, the proportion of what happened to work it is eighty percent, the focus of the services, the proportion of what happened working on it is fifty percent, the focus of the fight against corruption, the proportion of work it is what happened thirty-three percent}. "
With regard to what is currently trading around the request to lift the immunity as Vice in the House of Representatives said Sabri "Abadi did not provide a personal complaint against one of the Add deputies and Add others, but the prosecutor demanded the Supreme Judicial Council three months ago to take a fundamentalist actions against criminal abuses that took place inside the dome of the House of Representatives , It is known that the House of Representatives filed a complaint on the same subject before the request by the Prime Minister, and determine my name Naiptin and request to lift the immunity of them have been specifically by the judiciary. "
He pointed out that "the statement that was issued by a judicial authorities is is unfortunate and came at the request of one of the politicians, which misses the reality and goes against the truth and thrown on behalf of the Prime Minister in the case of bears eliminate responsibility, and we stress our demand for the dimensions of the judiciary from political pressure"