Iraq index slipping press hotels and banks.

03:57 pm

Live: market general index slipped Iraq stock exchange by the end of trading Thursday, with shares of banks, hotels and the pressure after rising for two consecutive years, respectively.

The General index fell at the close of trading today, 0.63%, to 557.17 level point, loser 3.56 points from levels last session.

Impact indicator Friday with 7 shares, 5 of them with Islamic banks and Bank-issued strip Penny e 6.12%, Tigris and Euphrates Bank fell 5.56 percent.

The banking sector included the most active arrow; where active bank issued stock Baghdad today in size and value to 112.54 million shares traded, worth 87.16 million dinars.

And hotel sector declining shares Baghdad hotel 10%, to become the most retreat today.

Industry shares today to top industrial Crescent stock gainers by 3.7%, and climbs of modern sewing 0.37%.

Today's turnover fell to 339.4 million shares compared to 598.17 million shares yesterday, retreated liquidity 217.09 million dinars compared with 437.44 million Wednesday.