Alnasiri: calling on the government to establish the Supreme Council for the private sector

The member of the Forum of Baghdad Advisory Council Economic Government to establish the Supreme Council for the private and pointed to the Gaza told Economy News that the main pillars of economic reform is to give an active role for the private sector in the process economic management and activation session of the Economic through involvement in economic decision-making in areas that stimulate productive sectors in agriculture, industry, energy and tourism to diversify its 2017 budget resources

and reduce dependence on oil ratio as a major supplier of the budget, according to government estimates of the allocations planned for the oil revenues and non-oil revenues in the budget and Hmaattalb of the government to take quick action this year of the founding of (the Supreme Council for the private sector) and consists of heads unions, organizations and associations and links representing the private sector and effective and influential in achieving the partnership with the public sector in achieving the axis (III) of the government program (to encourage the shift to the private sector)

and materials branching than in agriculture, industry and banking, in part, finance and investment and to be among the members of the council of representatives from the central bank and the Ministry of finance and planning, industry, agriculture, electricity and body Alasttmarrosoq Iraq Stock Exchange and the Association of Iraqi private banks and representatives of financial committees and the economy

and invest in the House of representatives of the Council and is linked to the Secretariat-general of the Council of Ministers and concentrated main task of the Council in the central supervision of Cun support and funding, investment and operation of the projects that contribute to the diversification of administration non-oil budget resources with the knowledge that the experience of such a council has been successful in some countries that have moved to the productive economy and girl national economy by relying on the private sector.