Baghdad and Erbil Reach an Agreement Over Financial Issues: Abadi

Iraq, September 1, 2016

Both sides have also agreed on the Mosul offensive

Following the Kurdish delegation's visit to Baghdad, Iraqi PM Haidar al-Abadi said on Tuesday in a press conference that they have reached an agreement with Kurdistan Region over the Mosul offensive as well as the financial issues.

Abadi said that they held talks with the Kurdish delegation headed by Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) PM on the operation of Mosul and the financial issues between Baghdad and Erbil. The Iraqi PM claimed that both sides have reached an agreement over those issues.

The Iraq's PM reiterated that there is a close coordination among Baghdad, Erbil and the anti-Islamic State (IS) global coalition, adding that there are no foreign troops in Iraq except the military teams for training the local forces in the country.

KRG PM Nechirvan Barzani and his accompanying delegation on Monday met with Iraqi PM in Baghdad to discuss some issues pertaining to the war against IS, particularly the anticipated Mosul offensive, oil exports, and their bilateral ties.

Barzani also met with Iraqi President Fuad Masoum and the Speaker of Iraqi Parliament Salim al-Jabouri. He also met with a number of senior Sunni politicians in Baghdad and they all highlighted the importance of Sunnis' participation in the operation to liberate Mosul from IS group.

During his visit to Baghdad, the Kurdistan Region delegation also met the US envoy to Iraq, and leaders of Iraq's main political parties.