Integrity: scuttle attempts to steal more than 44 billion dinars from Rafidain Bank

2016-09-1 at 11:23

Baghdad scales news

Fair body, revealed Thursday, thwarting attempts to steal more than 44 billion dinars from the Rafidain Bank.

The investigation service said in a statement received/body balance news/copy, to the competent criminal court integrity issues issued three different sentences against former clients in the Rafidain Bank, based on the provisions of article 444/11 of the Iraqi Penal Code, "released provisions in absentia convicts (a. p. p. h. o. o) and (p. p. h).

She added that details the issues referring to the convicted feet (a. p. p) to pass, was the first instrument instruments (18,000,000,000) billion Iraqi dinars, and the second amount (18,150,000.000) eighteen billion dinars and a hundred and fifty million to two other disbanded their cases. "

He continued, "that was me trying to be passed through contacts between Rafidain Bank/branch President and one large capacity banks discover convicted stock not covered in State Bank of instruments."

He noted that "after hauling two firsts to the Court by the competent judge to investigate issues of fairness different judgements against court convict (a. p. p) each serving imprisonment, order the seizure of the movable and immovable assets.

And, that "other details indicate convicted feet (h. o. o) and (p. p. h) former clients in the Rafidain branch delay to edit out non-secure instruments balance to the accused whose cases are scattered, trying to pass through an electronic clearing procedures private banks."

He explained that "the total amount of such instruments totalled (8,000,000,000) billion dinars were attempts to pass through the contacts between the State Bank and National Bank that tried convicts pass through instruments.

And the statement that "the data available to the Tribunal and after having heard the statements of the legal representatives of Rafidain and the recommendations of the Office of the Inspector General on issues; absentia court convicts (h. o. o) and (p. a. b) rhythm of imprisonment for each of them.

His "judgement in accordance with the requirements of article-arbitration, giving the right to claim for compensation with the affected side support custody on movable and immovable property"