Organization "PAO" start cleaning operations of camps for displaced people

Special - the balance Nuys
PAO began (PAO), Thursday, the implementation of the first phase of paid work in a camp for displaced people of Adhamiya district, under "enable displaced women and protection of women" program. The director of the organization's office in Baghdad activist Hana Hamoud Abbas's / balances News /, that "the work included the cleaning of the site IDP camps crackdown in Baghdad, Adhamiya caravans coast area, and the number of beneficiaries of this work 13 displaced woman participated in the cleaning campaign, also contributed to the volunteer work of the Iraqi Red Crescent volunteers from different ages rushed to help young people and children from the same camp, and hard work within a participatory lasted for five hours, the camp was clean and the corresponding scene and remove the waste to places Alnfabat assemble outside the camp. " She Hammoud, said that "women's work has encouraged young people and children to clean up their camp and committing themselves to constant cleaning in their desire to get fit for living a clean environment, as the host of the people of the community Adhamiya dwell welcomed near the camp this campaign and its results, which prevents the accumulation of dirt and send the cleanest and most beautiful of the area Image and the capital, Baghdad. " She Hammoud that "this work with the parallel work for women displaced in Anbar province, hand Amiriyah Fallujah in pilgrims camp, and the presence of a representative of Displacement and Migration Department at the camp where he participated in the 12 displaced woman, and lasted for five hours straight, and supported them in the cleaning process as well as a cadre PAO camp administration to provide Cleaning Supplies and container garbage collection. " Hammoud stressed that "the active participation of women, came after several meetings and seminars hosted by the organization met with the displaced women, and urging them on the need to work and engage in collective action, as well as the importance of mass communication in the promotion of community coexistence" .anthy From: Flaih maids