Deputy for power: the next stage will see a majority government

Special - balances News
Confirmed the MP for the coalition forces hope Merhi, Thursday, that the coming stage will witness the formation of a majority government, do not rely on the leaders of blocs and coalitions and the House of Representatives will make a strong opposition in order to be legislative and supervisory authority of the powerful. He said Merhi's / balances News /, that "political movement today witnessing significant stages in going to form a majority government, regardless of large and small blocks, this government is formed by a large and powerful coalition works to monitor and support the government through the legislature." She Marei that "alienation of Representatives for the bloc and the lack of commitment Ptogera leaders of the blocks, but it means yielding to the will of the masses in achieving its ambitions in providing the best executive authority in order to work on the citizen and make him happy service," pointing out that "it is necessary to develop a strategy work in the House of Representatives and the government Executive order to keep the political process. " And it showed Merhi said "terrorist gangs angling opportunities to discrimination, pointing out that" national public mass to which it belongs working to heal the reunion in the House of Representatives in order to bow to the Speaker of Parliament and the Prime Minister to the new strategy in the legislative and executive action. " The political process in Parliament mobility intensive work through the legislation of laws and control the executive government, causing it to break a lot of members of the House of Representatives of the robe bloc leaders who are no longer in control of the will of the members of the blocks in achieving the demands of Aljmaher.nthy From: Flaih maids