Berri waving the street: Stop Aldla!

Press in Beirut on Thursday.

Dealt issued in Beirut newspapers on Thursday 01/09/2016 in many subjects, especially the word Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri at the 38th anniversary of the absence of the Imam Moussa al - Sadr and his two companions.
Safir newspaper
Safir newspaper

A few blocks days of national dialogue on September 5 hearing, the occasion of anniversary of the 38 to the absence of the Imam Moussa al - Sadr and his two companions .. Speaker Nabih Berri called «salvo» of political messages in several directions, according to the Bank of thoughtful goals, so won all share a team of «wink and innuendo ». While some of the talk seemed «encrypted» and subject to interpretation, but that concerned him Altqtoh and realized its significance, most likely. President of the Council «domestic violence» was not used in his speech. Use «cotton ball» at times, and «common sense» phase of waving his cards and embarrass the accused to «political Aldla», in anticipation of the dialogue session and preparation for them.

And in front of a large crowd of supporters «hope» movement in the city of Tyre, Speaker lit on « the other face», giving all concerned indicate that it is also mastered the game the street, and others, and was ready to fight if the doors of the executive and legislative institutions closed persists, like aimed at producing a new equation strong: «streets balance». This time, Perry moved from emphasizing the theoretical stage , known for its basic elements to the process of waving Ptcielha to «critique», and not just b «Monetary».

Despite the political tension that prevailed in the relationship between Berri and General Michel Aoun, in the wake of the Province «FPM» the last Cabinet meeting and the insistence of Berry on the session, the delegation representing the current Festival Photos attended included Minister Elias Bossab, MPs Abbas Hashem and hope Bouzid. While some predict that the ground attack against the General, deserted his criticism directly and explicitly to Aoun by name, though he has a jab at his channel more than once.

While Perry stuck to the option of integrated basket, saying that the agreement on the post - presidential facilitates the election of the president, the political approach varied and numerous interpretations of Procedure of the claw of his speech, according to the positioning of each party and interests.

How stream received « the future» Berri words?

Confirms the head of the «future» parliamentary Fouad Siniora's «ambassador» it did not feel that the Blue Stream is on b «to Thh» President of the Council on «political Aldla», adding: «than it was under his armpit obelisk, Tnaara», and fortunately we are not of this category. Rejects Siniora any proposal for a settlement outside of the constitution, drawing attention to it already «the Anzlguena in Doha , the result was bad, then tried Baabda agreement they said to us« Agluh and Cherbo Mito ».. Now , if we have an additional concession will demand more, of the ministerial statement to the bags. . So why continue this sliding path that only leads to further decline in the overall situation. »

It stresses Siniora that required exclusively is resorting to the Constitution and the work which without any inventions or complications, «This means that the priority is to elect the President of the Republic , followed by parliamentary consultations to nominate the prime minister , who is in turn consultations to form his government, and so forth ..».

Siniora and indicates that it does not touch the seriousness of «Hezbollah» with Iran or to elect a president of the republic soon, «Perhaps if you are Tehran 's place would have done the same thing, in terms of insisting on constipation paper Lebanese presidency until exchanged for gains in regional, noting that Iran needs before then to that Washington negotiate, this is not currently accessible near the end of the mandate of the President ».

Accordingly, he does not see Siniora president of Lebanon before the US presidential election, «without means that his birth uncertain after the elections». He continues: Therefore, the best thing to do at this stage is to work similarly Beiruti view «Play Palmqsqs Lecce pilot» .. Not soon Siniora that corrects smiling «pilot and no power to prevent confusion», explaining that the intention is to fill the idle time to activate the government and the parliament as possible, waiting for the coming presidential vulva.

And what about the interpretation of «Free Movement» messages Barre?

Minister Elias Bossab's «ambassador» says the president 's speech Barre prompt, I think , to stream «future» , which has not yet made ​​a bold decision to contribute to the solution of the crisis team. He adds: Not «Free Movement» of Atdla, but that what we ask is very serious, and the substance has nothing to do Almithaqi Baldla or Aghannj. We are now in front of the issue of the existence of a partnership is broader than set here or there, either to be real partners respected the terms of the pact and either not be with what that means from a major national crisis.

And is considered to be « the future» bears the responsibility for obstructing the internal settlement, noting that Perry is right in saying that the agreement on the electoral law and the prime minister and form but also facilitates the election of the President of the Republic , which becomes , in this case a foregone conclusion the process, it does not matter whether this understanding is called basket or settlement, while emphasizing that the implementation should start from item presidency.

While stressing Bossab the importance of the election law , which constitutes the wide entrance to the desired solution, it reveals that the understanding was between the mound and was appointed fig about this file, saying: Speaker Berri has told officially, on behalf of General Michel Aoun, the approval of the current on the draft submitted by him also inform us him it 's OK to the perception that we have presented, namely that we are sympathetic to the laws of the election after the discussions that took place between us, and I understand from Speaker Berri that «Hezbollah» supporter of each of the options, so the ball is now in the court of « the future» on that is consistent with Berri about the law, because it would facilitate a lot of things.

Berri and meaningful to say that he may be the use of force if people continued to disrupt institutions, Bossab to see each team has the right to feel cheated using his Bnash, and perhaps join the public Berri to our audience in defense of the rights, if necessary , go down to the street. Berri has said in his speech that «crossing into the state it calls to stop political Aldla political tampering», stressing adherence to the bilateral dialogue and national levels, as they shut the door to temptation.

He added: Relative is the medicine for the national creditor, rather than being confined and narrow - mindedness, and the presidency alone is not enough Lebanese evil of discord and disagreement, and required an integrated basket, Flanoagaf political tampering and are committed to the Constitution and the face of the forces that continue coup on various political headlines. He noted that «it is necessary to understanding the electoral law and the formation of a government, what allows us to elect a president of the republic will inevitably», warning of going too far in the game burning time », drawing attention to the« agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran , helping to overcome the political obstacles in Lebanon and Syria ».

He called for a halt to disable institutions, «and if necessary we will face this force people, and we assure Anhaazna to the completion of the presidential elections, and we said that this is a priority because of confidence in the state remains without a president threatened».

Explosive Zahle
On the other hand, security concerns were renewed on the impact of the bombing of an explosive device was placed in a round Zahle Saadnayel crusher, in conjunction with the buses carrying supporters of the movement «hope» to the pictures later, which led to the death of a Syrian citizen and wounding 10 people.

.. The bomb waste
The accumulated waste a bomb on the streets of Metn and Kesrouan did not find yet tends Saagaha, especially that of the Finance and Budget Committee meeting yesterday did not come out to dissolve a decisive and practical , after which the participants disagree about the content of the interim period that precedes a sustainable solution on the basis of decentralization, while the uprising was recorded deputy Hagop Pakradounian who He pulled out of the meeting after an argument with MP Ghassan Moukheiber.

He informed the Chairman of the Committee MP Ibrahim Kanaan «ambassador» that there is an urgent need to direct the removal of waste from the streets without linking it obtaining final agreement, even if required , should move immediately to the landfill Bourj Hammoud, despite the protest based there, stressing that the duty of the government and the parties concerned shoulder their responsibilities.

He said he would not be calling for another meeting of the committee «before I touch that there are serious treatment through direct in the implementation of what we agreed upon», drawing attention to the realistic and practical solution at the same time lies in the adoption of the landfill Bourj Hammoud for one year, four years , rather than according to the rules health and environmental Aldharroah, that may be the municipalities are ready after this period to deal with waste in independent laboratories spread over the districts of Metn and Kesrouan and Baabda, according to the basis of decentralization.
alnahar newspaper
alnahar newspaper

Berri connects the presidential election , "including after" "oil cartel" disrupts the solution timer waste?

Formed the setback suffered by the efforts to bring a swift end to the crisis recovered waste in the Metn and Kesrouan and Baabda and some Beirut negative title which was printed aside from the internal scene yesterday, and represent the worst in this scene in return obsession bombings by explosive crusher , which are difficult to separate synchronized for Remembrance Day 38 to the absence of the Imam Moussa al- Sadr, and were not directly aimed at a procession of the "hope" as frequency.

However not obscure bombing semantics festival , which is held by "Amal" movement in the images in the memory of the absence of the Imam al - Sadr and his two companions , Sheikh Mohammed Yacoub and journalist Abbas Badr al- Din , who characterize the participation of mass as well as the positions announced by the head of the movement Speaker Nabih Berri , who, and that was his identical to his assertions leading up to the festival , he was "not the birth of initiatives" not without prominent positions, especially in the aspects related to the internal political crisis. And can be summed up the main headlines of this Almmwaagaf invited Berri to "stop disabling institutions" as "I declared in the face of forces that continue coup on various political headlines say if necessary , we will face all that strongly people and tell everyone Atazawa what is going on around us." And perceiving that " the relative is the medicine national creditor and the locomotive that will move us to citizenship rather than being confined," he stressed that the presidential election achievement "gets in the event of consensus on a post - presidency as the president alone is not enough Lebanese evil of discord and difference." He reiterated his position on the basket solution that called for dialogue on the basis of the table, saying: " I do not need to be understanding on the electoral law and the formation of the government allowing us to elect the president inevitably Without that vain." As warned of "going too far in the game burning time and building illusions in betting on the outside", he vowed to stick to the bilateral dialogue and national "because both of them have led to the closure of the doors of political strife and sectarian tensions."

Crisis without approved!
In the meantime, it exacerbated fears of reaching efforts to resolve the impasse waste crisis after the bustling facts revealed by the Finance and Budget Committee parliamentary meeting yesterday in the presence of heads of municipal unions of the regions concerned. He informed Agriculture Minister Akram Chehayeb " An- Nahar" Frankly , that " the cartel of oil plays a bad role to disrupt the implementation of the waste plan , " while admitting chairman of the Finance and Budget Committee MP Ibrahim Kanaan's " An- Nahar" that there is " a step backward" appeared yesterday in the implementation of this plan.
The minister Shoaib and MP Kanaan and attitude came after the second meeting of the committee failed to Alatousel to a decision to resume implementation of the plan will lead to the lifting of waste from the Metn and Kesrouan, amid objections from the member of the committee chairman Tashnaq Hagop Pakradounian Party a proposal by fellow committee MP Ghassan Moukheiber the division of work between the Tower Hammoud and new which I think Pakradounian attempt to load the Bourj Hammoud full responsibility unlike in the government 's plan, he left the meeting angrily rejecting any follow - up to the transfer of waste to the landfill Bourj Hammoud. "Al-Nahar" that the positions marked by random and improvisation were fired at the meeting led to Arvdadh without any fixed guarantee of the possibility of Correction initial interim solution , which talked about MP Kanaan after the meeting, and the fear in this case to be a crisis open without any agreed specified time frame .
He said the minister Shoaib for "daylight" It is in the process of communicating with the Attorney Pakradounian to clarify things. He added: "we emphasized in the committee meeting right of municipalities to take their role in waste treatment as soon as they are ready, and this gave him the right cabinet that is to meet the environmental conditions specified by the Ministry." He said that " the current government 's plan came after more than seven months from the accumulation of waste in the streets Solution to open a temporary soft landfill and the selection Mtmra Bourj Hammoud and Alcosta Brava was two Two spots in them is no longer any trace of marine life, and the mountain of waste in the Bourj Hammoud old as war In Lebanon". He described Rose Pakradounian did yesterday as a "right." He stressed that "any solution in the plan today is better than Allahal which restores the waste to the streets." Having accused the "oil cartel" to derail the plan, he wondered who "Mall advertising in the streets and tried to use experts against the plan?".

MP Kanaan, he said , for " the day" The MP Pakradounian an objector to the transitional phase and resolve decentralization. And he wished that the committee approved yesterday the agreement done by the Commission two days ago , which is based on the transitional period according to the government 's plan and prepare for decentralization after year. He warned that the retreat from this agreement , "hurts everyone and hurts the citizens and puts the credibility of the political forces at stake."
Explosive Crusher

The evolution of security, demonstrated a in a bomb weighing no more than four kilograms yesterday afternoon at the edge of a round Saadnayel - Crusher on Highway Zahle - Chtaura which led to the killing of beggar Syria and wounding nine people from transients. And marked by the explosion of mystery , because it was aimed at a convoy or personal , even likely is aimed at the convoy of the movement "Amal" , which has denied it. It is not the first time seen the place as she was a suicide , two bombs targeting planets for "Party of God" on the freeway by tens of meters from the round.

Ban Ki-moon
In another context, a correspondent for "day" in New York on the Barada said the Secretary - General of the United Nations Ban Ki - moon said welcomed the resolution 2305 issued by the Security Council voted unanimously yesterday to extend the mandate of the interim force of the United Nations in Lebanon , "UNIFIL" until 31 August 2017, calling Lebanon and Israel to "preemptive action" to address all outstanding issues in the implementation of resolution 1701.

In a statement issued at the tenth anniversary of the war in July 2006 and Resolution 1701, Ban said he was "over the last ten years, has seen the UNIFIL area of operations and the areas along the Blue Line , the longest period of relative calm for decades." He said that "this quiet due to the efforts of both Lebanon and Israel continuing resolution 1701 and their commitment to the support of the United Nations Special Coordinator Office in Lebanon, UNIFIL , which works to promote stability and security in Lebanon and across the Blue Line." He expressed his "appreciation to the countries contributing troops to UNIFIL continued support." He warned that "should not understand this calm as the progress made ​​in respect of the remaining goals of resolution 1701", highlighting " the need to build the two parties to the relative calm, and focus on reaching a lasting cease-fire, and work proactively to address all outstanding issues in the implementation of the resolution 1701 and Security Council resolutions relevant. "

Alabaralabar newspaper

Berri: We will face disruption strongly people
Bore the word Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, yesterday three letters in different directions: first is threatened FPM resorting to «people power», Secondly re - emphasis on the option of resistance and the equation «army and the people and the resistance.» The third letter, apart from the Libyan government, and Hannibal Gaddafi, and anyone who is trying to manipulate the issue of Imam Musa Sadr.

Did not disturb the 38th anniversary of the absence of the Imam Moussa al - Sadr and his two companions Sheikh Mohammad Yaqub and Abbas Badr al- Din, from the launch of House Speaker Nabih Berri , a political arrows. The first group hit the former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, without naming him. Demanded b »stop political Aldla», pointing out that cross into the state calls «stop each team 's belief that it has a national decision or have veto». But the arrows also affected the FPM, as Berri threatened to confront disable institutions «strongly people if necessary», stressing bias priority to the completion of presidential elections. He pointed out that « the agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran , helping to overcome the political obstacles in Lebanon and Syria». Second arrows face the Speaker of Parliament Square section of the city of Tyre to «who asks to withdraw weapons of the resistance», describing it pal «heretical» because it would lose Lebanon «defense, economic and oil strength, and has already been unanimous on it during the 2006 dialogue and then in Baabda . Resistance Force subject defensive strategy. » He stressed his commitment to the Diamond equation «army and the people and the resistance», pointing out that it does not support the resistance, but «We founded the Pioneers and the resistance to it». In this context, Berri directed a message to the Israelis, saying: «not tested , Lebanon, has tried them in the past and did you go out humiliated from the sands of Lebanon animation. We proved, and the Palestinian people, the inability of your strength and rightly at the heart of the strategy or your options in your souls , as my brother said the Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah ».

What singled out in the election law, Berri explained that «is relative to the national medicine creditor, rather than being confined and narrow - mindedness». Taking warned of going too far in the game burning time, he noted that « the presidency alone is not enough and required a full basket. Flanoagaf political tampering and are committed to the Constitution and the face of the forces that continue coup on various political headlines. » On the other hand, Berri encouraged to move forward in Melvt oil «to extract what fills our debts». The new «claim to invest in the army, and the donation banks to increase armed and numerous», as it can not continue to «begging and subjected warfare doctrine and any conditions».

In the thirty - eighth anniversary, Berri reiterated the lack of evidence the end of the life of Imam Sadr and his two companions, stating: «We are at the head of the Amal movement are working in coordination with the family of Imam Sadr , according to constants». Therefore «We will not allow any suspicious relations or normalization of relations with Libya before this issue unfold and the point on the line.» It must be emphasized that the subject of Hannibal Gaddafi «purely judicial and Adli. Days after his arrest he heard the forensic investigator as a witness after, Fbah information ran his arrest, and the effect obtained attempts to cheat, which is required in his country. » He said: «not Tjrbone issue of the imam, not before or after the festival, our position is and the issue is the Imam of our top priorities, they are freedom, justice and peace and the cause of Islam.»

On the other side, Perry touched on the environmental issue, calling to take «measures to prevent explosions in favor of crushers and closed without exception. Can not be a blind eye to the murder of the rivers , from the Litani river and divert the flow of Akkar to Abu Ali to the Wazzani to garbage dumps and convert waste water to normal. » He stressed that it can not be tolerated for «deprive the villages, towns and deprive the water people, you access to a collaborative and my government work and duct cleaning rivers», heading for the League of Arab States and the Organization of the Islamic Action and the United Nations saying: «Lebanon is located under the pressure of crises in the region and exposed human reflections, what Order on Lebanon receive half the population of displaced people. »
Construction Journal
Construction Journal

Moscow and Washington hopes to announce ... near the reach of understanding about Syria within hours
Berri lowers and raises the level of optimism generally Aldla and bet on the outside sound
Zahle explosive sleeper cells opens the file and the file ... waste explodes from Bourj Hammoud

With the escalation of military operations on various fronts fighting in Syria, the Turkish campaign did not succeed in Jarablos and them, nor armed groups campaigns, particularly the Front victory on the towns of Hama, kidnapping lights for Aleppo, which seems to remain the title of war in Syria, even resolved the military put the protection of the Syrian army, and covered rolling settlements that began Darya and second place today with comfortable in Moadamieh, and followed a similar settlement in the rugged neighborhood in Homs, under which the militants and their families come out,

Aleppo topping US - Russian talks on the experts and leaders , diplomats and military personnel in Geneva, which looks close to achieving the ends of understanding, he was quoted as saying Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Riabakov to Tehran level, and said it from there.
While Washington has announced that it dialogue sequence in an effort to reach understanding and hope he reaches, and expressed US Secretary of State John Kerry satisfaction with what is going on among the experts and what has been accomplished in a meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, while the White House announced the departure of President Barack Obama is heading to Beijing to participate in the top twenty, which will meet on the sidelines of both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan, and have the Syrian issue the focus of the talks, while supposed to Geneva understandings have completed a draft agreement , which is awaiting approval by the two presidents.

Lebanese, the appointment is with the mass crowd that revived the invitation of the Amal movement , the anniversary of the absence of Imam Musa Sadr, however the word Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, who reduced the level of optimism solutions, his voice rising in general what he called political Baldla and tampering with the bets on the outside, warning of exposing government risk, having exhausted protect jobs, reiterated his call to the understandings dealing with the presidency, the government and the electoral law basket . in

conjunction, the waste crisis exploded from Bourj Hammoud file and position Tashnaq Party , which announced not to allow to continue to throw waste in it, while the explosive that has shaken the security quiet on the highway Zahle had opened again sleeper cells for terrorist organizations file.

speech pain in the yard section 's
speech was President of the Council parliament Speaker Nabih Berri on the anniversary of the absence of the Imam Moussa al - Sadr and his two companions, speech pain in the yard section. While everyone was watching what the word abroad that would compel President of the Council of initiatives loophole occur in the wall of the presidential crisis. It seems that Speaker Berri has not received any positive response from Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah initiative, after it was circulated information that Hariri will return to Beirut before August 31. All this confirms that the current on more than one party government and a presidential communications and deadlocked, what would be reflected in the table of dialogue on 5 September next , which is heading the Free Patriotic Movement to boycott it if there have been no positive developments to build upon.

We will face disruption strongly people
Parallel horizon impasse will remain chairman of the Board insisting on «bilateral and collective dialogue because of its importance to prevent tension and discord». Berri called «stop political tampering and abide by the constitution and the face of the forces that continue coup on various political headlines». He stressed that «it is necessary to understanding the law of elections or the formation of the government allowing election of the President of the Republic inevitably.» He called for a «stop disabling institutions and, if necessary, we will face this strongly people».

He warned the persistent game burning time and build fantasies of going too far in betting on the outside to resolve national issues, even if I do not I still see that the confidence - building in the Saudi - Iranian relations offers contribution necessary in peace to Lebanon and other Arab countries troubled production or inflamed in rehabilitate the Palestinian cause ».

the new claim military support and donate banks for arming and increase numerous, as we can not continue begging», also pointed out that « the oil wealth that will Lebanon graduated from crises and we want to continue forward in the oil View »and added that« maintaining Lebanon 's environment requires action to prevent explosions in favor of crushers. » He said «we discovered days ago that there decrees signed by the ministers of official decisions have allowed the division of towns pouring waste in rivers» and added « the government is required to generate job opportunities for youth and stop the drain of human resources.» The Berri stressed the «adherence equation Diamond army, people and resistance», described the demands of some of the collection of arms before removing the danger of Israel as a «heretical» and added «I say for« Israeli »not tested , Lebanon and the resistance remain what is left of aggression and occupation and the threat of aggression».

Is the government fly ?
Well - informed sources told «constructive» that Speaker Berri yesterday seemed desperate to reverse a presidential breakthrough, since after he was briefly optimistic elect a president before the end of the year. » The sources pointed out «that his words carry a warning from Mgbat Aldla when some of the components, and was notable for his assertion that he is no longer able to protect the government». The sources expressed fear that the government is flying with the direction of the Free Patriotic oxygen by cutting », arguing that the fall of the government may enter the country in a vacuum comprehensive especially that the prospect of resolving the presidential crisis is a clear regional».

Waste to scratch
back the waste crisis to scratch, with out the political components of the Phalange Party to block the agreed plan between the government and the municipality of Bourj Hammoud and Hezbollah Tashnaq, as the Phalange Party announced rejection of the establishment of landfill waste in parallel with the new landfill Bourj Hammoud. While a number of MPs were quick change and reform in the session to demand the opening of Burj Hammoud landfill currently before the accumulated waste pending later agreement. Emerged yesterday, confirm the heads of unions municipalities Kesrouan and Metn through money allocated to solve the waste crisis and the budget session , she was not ready to deal with their waste in each district a year ago.

Municipalities are not eligible
Sources in the Commission's «constructive» that « the municipalities declared ineligible technically and finance to take over the file. Today , we need to find a temporary solution to the Interior Ministry is working on the municipal processing and a campaign to educate citizens , particularly how to count from the source and then become municipalities ready. »
The sources pointed out that« the parliamentary committee will emerge alongside the ministerial committee chaired by the Minister Akram Chehayeb with advisers and the Council for Development and Reconstruction to keep up this file, to reduce the size of the crisis and increase screening size and improve the performance of the work for my company Sukleen and Sukhumi in order not to turn saddle coast dustbin, and thus work to reduce the scale of the disaster and not to distort the waterfront in the North Metn ».
she added that« the interim plan is to mitigate the disaster and rehabilitation of landfills and expand and protect the Shatt tenderloin of accumulation of waste at the same time removing the waste from the streets as soon as possible. The mission of the CDR and the Ministerial Committee and the Parliamentary Committee to find Executive practical mechanisms for that, and if you can not the government and the CDR, Vlielna failing to public opinion ». It revealed that «waste will remain in the streets, is expected to begin trucks eliminated during five days or a week, but in the context of a clear agreement and force the government be applied».
Battalions pull the new government plan
and indicated other parliamentary sources told «constructive» attempts to have emerged from the party battalions during the meeting for the withdrawal of the new area of the plan and to keep the landfill Bourj Hammoud, because of the oil companies and the gas is not satisfied with the government project, to solve the waste crisis , on the one hand and refused to mall owners GEANT establish a landfill in front of City Mall ».
the sources pointed out that the head of the new municipality Antoine Jabara pointed out during the meeting to «he would not discuss the implementation of any project before lifting the body wastes from the new streets and buried, then enter the general secretary of the party Tashnaq MP Hagop Pakradounian, stressing that the Bourj Hammoud closed burial Society». Rushed Phalange Party leader to repeat what he said the first Tuesday in Parliament, referring to «he understood Tashnaq party 's efforts and the suffering people of Bourj Hammoud of wastewater and garbage mountain, but this mountain is in Bourj Hammoud, why we should evaluate a mountain else in the new sand ». Individual Pakradounian: We endured enough, this project is integrated. The most important item in which it is carried out in parallel with the new. Under Pakradounian to overflowing with the rush MP Ghassan Moukheiber to call for fragmentation of the plan to separate landfill Bourj Hammoud for the new landfill, prompting Hezbollah Secretary General Tashnaq to make its mark disgusted that gets in and out angry ».
Pakradounian: New Bourj Hammoud together
The sources pointed out that« Pakradounian wants to open a landfill within integrated plan any Mtmra in Bourj Hammoud and new together, because the Council of Ministers plan caused a catastrophe for the people of the area and the accumulation of waste on an area of 3 km ». He stressed Pakradounian for «constructive» on «integrated solution, not piecemeal adoption of a mechanism, timing and management to work correctly.» He said «no turning back on the position Tashnaq only by applying the plan agreed between the government and the municipality of Bourj Hammoud and Hezbollah Tashnaq and Uavq by ministers of the Phalange Party in the Cabinet meeting». He stressed the rejection of the stacked storing waste in the streets in the landfill Bourj Hammoud, calling obstructionists to «implement the plan or to step up to find a solution to the waste near their homes».
Sleeper cell operating swaths
and yesterday returned terrorism to strike again Bekaa region. After two months on the bottom bombings, a bomb exploded device weighing approximately 4 Kiogramat when a round crusher in Zahle, which led to the death of a Syrian woman is often found in place, in addition to injuring a number of citizens. This terrorist attack is the third of its kind after the dismantling of the army last May , a bomb was planted on the edge of the road on the eve of the municipal elections, and the explosion of two bombs on the expressway Zahle crusher in 2013.
The security sources private follow - up for «building», «that devices relay ago week information received from the security work is unusual in the Bekaa ». The sources add that intersected with the high security and intelligence Lebanese sources for «suspected cell asleep active swaths and attend to the work of security is central Bekaa».
Confirmed , security sources told «constructive» «that an explosive Zahle were not aimed at heading from the Bekaa buses to the south to participate in the Imam Sadr celebration in pictures but was prepared in advance and was targeting a bus to Hezbollah. » According to private sources for «building» passing bus before the bomb around time, seem «that the bomber packaging and observer mixed it up and passed the target bus in peace».
Extension of international forces
, the Security Council unanimously adopted a decision to extend the international forces operating in southern Lebanon until August 31 , 2017, condemned in the strongest terms all attempts to destabilize the security and stability in Lebanon, warning that violations of the cessation of hostilities agreement between Lebanon and »Israel» could lead to a new conflict could not be borne by any of the parties in the region. He expressed concern about the limited progress made ​​towards reaching a permanent agreement for the fire, calling on all parties to exercise utmost restraint and calm, in addition to the move away from the rhetoric that could destabilize cessation of hostilities agreement , or the region as a whole.