Australia is preparing a greater role in fighting "Daesh" Syria and Iraq

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on Thursday that his country would strengthen its military action against Daesh in Syria and Iraq after they adjusted their domestic laws.
Australia has joined the alliance , which is supported by the United States against Daesh in September 2014 and has increased its military involvement against Daesh hardline steadily.
However, Turnbull said that there are differences between domestic laws and international laws hamper Australia 's role , pointing out that his government would fill this gap new legislation.
Australian law in its current form is not permitted to target only playing an active role in hostilities which Turnbull said he was more restrictive than it is in international law.
He told parliament "this legal danger posed a significant challenge to the effectiveness of our operations. It restricts targeting al Qaeda in Iraq, Syria , and makes us unable to work the same freedom which employs our coalition partners."
He added that he can expand military operations to target "broader" than Daesh fighters Once amend the law.