Jaafari in the face of no-confidence


MP from the Kurdistan Alliance Member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Adel Nouri, said in a statement disclosed published on the official page on Facebook, that "after the spring revolution under the dome of the parliament to activate the parliament and moving his arm oversight, here we are involved in interrogations minister series," noting that "interrogation I will begin with Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari. "

He added that "there is financial corruption and administrative files are involved with Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari," stressing that "will provide an interrogation in this regard under the dome of the parliament."

And confirmed the existence of "failures in the Ministry of Jaafari on the diplomatic, administrative and financial level, and that there is corruption rampant in the embassies of Iraq overseas, wasted state funds, as well as nepotism and mediations in the corridors of the Foreign Ministry," adding that "al-Jaafari You will be forwarded to the judiciary after the withdrawal trust him. "

This comes at a time when the National Alliance blocs seeking to withdraw confidence from Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, and the latter was revealed last night, for possession of documents confirming do a political transfer of about six billion dollars and a half billion to his account in a foreign country, stressing that it will reveal more of documents in the coming days.