Syria .. "temporary truce" in the forest and the threat of Medmah

It reached the Syrian armed opposition factions in the forest district in Homs , center of the country, an agreement with the government troops to
"temporary truce", while the Syrian army waved military operation against Moadamieh of Daria city in Damascus countryside.

Under the new agreement to consolidate the cease-fire and lift the siege on the rugged neighborhood, and who wants to get out of the fighters from the direction of the city of Idlib, as well as the evacuation of civilians trapped inside.

The media reported Syrian opposition, that the negotiating committee in the neighborhood of the forest , reached an agreement to stop the shelling of the Syrian army operations aimed at the wood completely.

The Committee also agreed to hold a meeting with the Syrian government representatives to discuss the preparation of the regulations includes the missing and detainees to be released, as well as search out those who wish fighters out of the forest.

And saw the neighborhood late last year, a truce between opposition fighters and government troops besieged a UN - sponsored agreement, to be implemented over three phases, but it was breached the agreement more than once before collapsing.

In the meantime, the good of the Syrian government delegation committee in charge of negotiations for the city of Moadamieh between accepting a deal eliminates the exit of fighters and surrender their weapons, and the settlement of the situation of civilians, or the burning of the city by a major military operation.

The media reported Syrian opposition that the government delegation refused to debate on any item of the terms of the agreement, except to prepare a list of conditions under the threat to burn the city if the Commission did not respond to these demands.

Among the most important items that are stipulated, out of all the fighters who do not want to surrender their weapons in the direction of Idlib and the exit of civilians wishing to regularize their status, and to surrender all weapons in Moadamieh.

He informed the Syrian government delegation delegation Moadamieh that if the fighters refused to terms of the agreement, will open Moadamieh crossing out the women and children who are interested in the settlement, and the declaration of the city with a military zone to resolve the matter militarily and burn the
entire city.