Ebadi receives Yemeni national delegation describes the step to form the Supreme Political Council as an important and successful

Met with the delegation of the Republic of Yemen evening of this day , the state of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi at the headquarters of the prime minister has been meeting discussed the overall political, humanitarian and economic situation in Yemen
At the start delegation conveyed to the Prime Minister the greetings of peace and political leader of the Supreme Council , a professor / benefit Alsmad and thanks and gratitude of the people of Yemen to Iraq to support the positions of his options.
The delegation put the Prime Minister in front of the reality faced by the people of Yemen and the resulting aggression from the disastrous effects of human suffering.
Through the Prime Minister welcomed the delegation as a representative for Yemen and stressed that Iraq 's leadership and people support the sufferings of the people of Yemen since the start and rejects unjustified aggression on Yemen.
He also noted that Iraq had tried in the beginning of the aggression and across the Iraqi Red Crescent to provide medical assistance and humanitarian and food of the Yemeni people , but it put obstacles prevented that.
He described the step composition of the Supreme Political Council as an important and successful in the right direction and urged further constitutional and legal steps that support the national consensus and hailed the departure of millions of Yemeni people despite the war and the bombing believing that this great mass exit has changed the equation.
He noted that the Prime Minister of Iraq and through consultations with the international community was to show that the war in Yemen will mix the papers and that the real danger is not from Yemen, but from Daesh and Al Qaeda.
He expressed satisfaction with the hearing of the summary and a comprehensive presentation of the situation in Yemen and said I have triumphed morally and continued political dialogue and explain Mazlomatkm and Ansavkm through discussion and consultations, negotiations and strengthening the national consensus.
In conclusion , to convey his greetings to the political leadership in Yemen and to the general patient and steadfast Yemeni people and wished that this tragedy ends on the Yemeni people and that there will be peace, security and stability throughout the region.