Kaabi: American fighters destroyed 90 percent of gray

Said the secretary general of the Movement nujaba Iraqi Sheikh Akram al - Kaabi said US fighter jets that participated in the liberation of gray operation destroyed 90 percent of this city.
And he explained the secretary general of the Movement nujaba, during an interview with the channel "Press TV" English, events nujaba movement; and said that the Islamic Resistance Movement , nujaba made ​​up of three brigades and each brigade consists of three thousand fighters, brigade Ammar bin Yasser participate in the liberation of the province of Aleppo operations and the last two brigades were working within the brigade 12 and 30 under the leadership of the popular crowd in Iraq, total nujaba administrators and military forces 10,000 people, and we also have reserve forces made ​​up of thousands of volunteer fighters.
Sheikh Akram al - Kaabi and said he located a large number of Sunnis within the brigades nujaba movement, explaining: brothers works Sunnis under the command of Brigade 30 of the movement nujaba and participated with us in the liberation of Fallujah and the outskirts of Samarra, noting: that some politicians in Iraq are working to inflame sectarian, but we reject the sectarian strife and are working on the defense of all Iraq 's communities of Sunnis, Christians and Yazidis.
He said Kaabi sanctities a red line for all Muslims, and added that Daesh did not attack sacred Shiite and, but also targeted the sanctities of Sunnis in parts of the world, Iran announced that the holy sites is a red line for them and in this regard the full support us to fight gang terror Daesh and no coordination great between us to fight terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria.
He noted that a leading figure in the popular crowd to the great support provided by various countries of the world for terrorist groups, and continued: more than 140 countries supporting terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria, and proved to us that Britain and France are among the countries sponsoring terrorism in the region, and you get these terrorist groups on aid big Western and Arab countries and proved to us that it is through the families of a number of foreign and Arab terrorists , including terrorists , the Saudis and the Uzbeks.
He pointed out that the negative role played by Saudi Arabia in the region, stating: The main problem in the region is the presence of a Wahhabi state in the region carried out many massacres against the Sunnis and Shiites for control of the Arabian Peninsula.
He explained that some Arab and Western countries supporting terrorist groups in the region , while the majority of Sunni scholars, considered the victory Daesh front of the Kharijites.
He pointed out that America is dealing with Daesh double, and added that the Americans are pushing the internal conflicts in Muslim countries and are trying to target Islam from the inside, and we see that America is working double in the region, one hand supporting terrorist groups and by the last claim to defend human rights and the show itself it fights Daesh.
Al - Kaabi said that America supports a lot of terrorist groups, including Noureddine Zanki gang carried weeks before slaughter Palestinian children before the eyes of the world, but America did not condemn this crime, but continued to support this terrorist group.
On the other side of his speech referred to the destruction wrought by America in Iraq, saying that the United States since its entry into the region did not elicit good to their people, but brought destruction, wars and killings in the area, the coalition led by America to fight Daesh so far not won any victory over Daesh, this alliance formed to determine Daesh activity in certain geographical spot America and is seeking, through this alliance to find a balance between the popular crowd and the gang terrorist Daesh.
He stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran has taken a historic decision after Daesh attack on Iraq and has supported the popular crowd, while America was fighting Daesh claims, pointing to edit city of Ramadi , where American fighters participated operations and destroyed 90 percent of this city.
This was confirmed by a leading figure in the popular crowd in Iraq , the need to enter the military forces from Iraq to Syria, saying: We believe that the popular crowd forces after the liberation of Mosul should be Syrian territory intervene formally, and to create security in Iraq must be freed of Raqqa and Deir Ezzor in Syria and this process must be done through coordination with the Syrian government in order to liberate areas occupied by Daesh including tenderness , which is the capital of Daesh terrorist.