Iraq participates in Izmir Trade Fair

Views 12 Date 08/31/2016 - 22:27

Economy News / Baghdad was launched in the Turkish city of Izmir businessman Izmir International Fair with the participation of more than six countries, including Iraq, and tens of foreign companies from all disciplines Eighty-fifth edition with the participation of an Iraqi delegation headed by Commerce Minister Salman Jumaili and with the participation of the General Company for Trade Iraqi business services.

The general director of the General Company for Iraqi Fairs Ministry of Commerce, who attended the opening ceremony just Masoudi ceremony in a statement received by the "Economy News", a copy of it, that the Minister of Science and the Turkish technology and governor of Izmir opened the exhibition center of official and popular celebration of great witnessed the presence of hundreds of visitors what this exhibition economic and social and popular protest.

Masoudi said that Iraq participated in the exhibition booth area of ​​30 square meters display in which more than two dozen affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Company and some private and mixed sector products in different industries products and was the most prominent of the textile industry, handmade carpets, medicines, leather industry, in addition to the display boards beautiful heritage of Iraq consisted archaeological Balnhaceat that expressed the history of Iraq, as well as the display products company Iraqi dates and other products represent interface Iraq's civilization.

Stressing that the Iraqi pavilion witnessed the visit a number of general managers from the ministries of Industry and Foreign Affairs, Planning and Iraqi representatives of the embassy and Iraqi commercial attaché in Ankara, which was applauded by visitors on the official and popular levels by praising the submission of products and industries reflects the legacy of Iraq's cultural and industrial.

On the sidelines of this major economic event, he met with al-Masoudi number of some pavilions managers such as Malaysia, Cyprus and Gambia to promote trade relations and the search for business opportunities with Iraq, taking advantage of this directed them to the invitation to participate in the next session of the International Baghdad Fair and introduce them to the investment plan to be adopted by Iraq in 2017. AJ opportunity

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