The dollar 's exchange rate at the highest level in a month

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It rose US currency exchange rate, the dollar, the highest level in a month against the Japanese yen as investors away in the currency market for the Japanese currency and optimism after the consumption figures in the United States.

The dollar rose to 103.23 yen, a level not more than a hundred yen to the dollar (100.5 yen to the dollar) the beginning of the week.

This is the highest level of the exchange rate to the dollar since the end of last month.

The euro exchange rate against the dollar has not changed too much to remain at $ 1.11 against the euro.

The average price of the dollar of 95.95 points to the index 96.13 points.

With the declaration of an increase in the consumption figures in the United States Tuesday, traders in the currency market returned to bet on the president of the Federal Reserve's remarks (the central bank), the US at the weekend that the prospect of US interest rate hike more likely.

With the increase in the dollar exchange rate falling commodity prices denominated in US currency, such as oil, as declining price of gold and precious metals in general.

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