Nassif demanding Zebari disclose personal that turned the $ 6 billion abroad
Wednesday August 31, 2016
- 13:23
MP Alia Nassif Reform Front
It demanded the MP high Nassif reform front, Finance Minister Hoshyar(fear) Zebari to disclose the name of the person who has transferred an amount of six billion dollars abroad and the name of the recipient.

Said in a statement reported by its press office today and received tow a copy of the "Zebari announced yesterday that there is an amount of six billion and 455 million dollars was transferred out of Iraq for the account of one person," pointing out that "it is the duty Zebari to disclose the name of the person who converts the amount and the name of the recipient person. "

Nassif showed that "there are indications that the party that this process is the authority of the Kurdistan region because it is the only party capable of converting such a huge amount, otherwise why Zebari did not disclose the transfer-based."

On the other hand Nassif strongly criticized the US involvement in the interrogation process, saying "to teach Americans who claim that they have brought democracy to Iraq, that the Iraqi decision has been liberated and can not put them to trust us."

She explained, "Whenever We have questioned a minister in parliament, we were told that the Americans were interfering behind the scenes to put pressure on the heads of political blocs in order to
prevent the completion of the interrogation, where their democracy alleged eight Americans long ago announced their list of the looters who ransacked the bounties of Iraq, why should prevent us from muggers accounting and why their mentors."