The parliamentary balance/reveal financial news/2017 budget deficit

2016-08-31 at 17:53

Special the balance of news

The parliamentary head of fiscal paradise Ahmed Kanani, Wednesday, that 2017 budget deficit amounted to about 32 trillion, among that until now no solutions to tackle the deficit.

Kanani said, to balance the news/Government, pressed the State institutions through operational budget for 2017 and tried to shrink as much as possible, "Noting that" next year's budget deficit amounted to about 32 trillion dollars. "

He added that "at the moment there are no solutions to eliminate the deficit but high oil prices," he said, adding that "there is a loan from the World Bank would help to solve part of the budget crisis until the end of the year."

The Cabinet approved earlier, the draft budget for 2017 after it was read at the meeting.