Iraq asks Turkey to facilitate granting Iraqi merchants entering the attribute

2016-08-31 at 13:10

Baghdad the balance of news

I searched the Commerce Department with Turkish economy Minister agent, Wednesday, to facilitate the granting of visas to Iraqi merchants.

He said the information Office of the Agency Trade Minister Salman jumaili received/balance news/copy of it, that "the Minister and his entourage discussed with the Deputy Minister of economy of the Republic of Turkey the reality of bilateral ties in the economic, industrial, trade, investment and development for the benefit of the two friendly countries," pointing out that "the two sides discussed granting Iraqi traders attribute to enter Turkish territory."

The statement said, "the meeting marked view and examine the problems and constraints related to the difficulty of access of traders and businessmen the Iraqis visas to Turkish territory as well as the difficulty of access to Iraqi authorities on economic and trade data and indicators.

Jumaili stressed the "need for the Turkish side to further cooperation with the Iraqi side and provide them with information about the Turkish companies that wanted to contract with the Iraqi Government," calling on the Turkish side to facilitate the entry of investments and capital and Turkish companies to the Iraqi market and take advantage of the case of considerable improvement in security and economic reality of attractor for investment in Iraq. "

"The Iraqi Government made good efforts in combating corruption and remove barriers to enter the capital and investments and amend laws necessary for building a promising investment environment," reassuring "the Turkish side that Iraqi Government seeks tirelessly to reimbursement of Turkish companies doing business with Iraq despite the difficult security and economic conditions faced by Iraq, particularly in the war by countering terrorism."