Governmental economic exposure of Basra Metro project investment

2016-08-31, 16:57

Baghdad scales news

The Government's Economic Commission, said Wednesday, displaying the Basra Metro project as an investment opportunity in coordination with the national investment Commission.

The Ministry said in a statement, the balance of news/, copy, the French company presentation discussed project Ahlstrom Metro Basra where taken about a decision viewed as an investment opportunity in coordination with the national authority for the investment project of the importance of Basra. "

He added, "the Committee discussed a number of issues of an economic nature contribute in overcoming problems and obstacles facing economic process", stating that "the Committee agreed on recommendations concerning gold trade impediments which lead to revive trade in gold jewellery with activating your oversight role altkis and quality control.

The statement noted that "the wheat crop is also planted discussion outside the agricultural plan and rain affected and subject of feed barley, as well as Iraqi Arabic company for livestock development and grant many exceptions to the Ministry of commerce companies."