Information on the nomination of a new Saudi ambassador to the rank of brigadier !!!

Treasures Media - Follow - up
Saudi Arabia issued a decision to appoint Brigadier General "Abdul Aziz bin Khaled Al Shammari Achammroka" military attache in Germany and Minister Plenipotentiary rank of ambassador at the State Department for work in the Saudi embassy in Baghdad !!!
What is this Saudi insist on the appointment of ambassadors military ranks its embassy in Baghdad ?? Valsbhan was a military attache in Lebanon and came to Iraq and helped fuel the internal situation of the country and now Brigadier - General Abdul - Aziz al - Shammari! ??
Do you deal with Saudi embassy in Iraq as a political as a representation between the two countries !!
Um room advanced military operations which manages Aldoaash soldiers in the field !?
Why Ataan political Ambassador civilians as do the rest of the countries ????
What is this Saudi Arabia 's insistence on dealing with Iraq militarily but not politically !! ??