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I addressed the Lebanese newspapers on Wednesday 31/8/2016 in Beirut several topics was the return of the waste to congestion in the streets of Mount Lebanon, waiting Ajtrah solution to the crisis in the Finance and Budget Committee today ..

The godfather of the invasion and the relationship with the beautiful
Biography of Ben - Eliezer and «Charlie» Lebanese

Ambasserottan newspaper wrote this address Ambassador says "revived the death of former Israeli Defense Minister Binyamin Ben - Eliezer many memories with him to Lebanon and the Arabs. He received the first of his fame when he headed the unit «Shaked» Special, which was accused of an extensive operation to kill prisoners in the Sinai during the war of 1967, as well as the crimes carried out in Jordan during the fight against the guerrillas. Despite the friendship that later brought together Egyptian President isolated, Hosni Mubarak and Ben - Eliezer, but most relationships are those forged with the Lebanese Phalange Party leaders.

It is known that Ben - Eliezer , has died at the age of 80 years and is subject to criminal investigations and wide after being accused of corruption against him millions of dollars illegally receiving, is a native of Basra in Iraq , and so was fluent in Arabic. This language has helped him to assume various positions related to the Arabs, but the fighting, including his work as a coordinator for the occupied territories in the Israeli army. But his most influential, was appointed in 1974 the commander of the brigade 's border with Lebanon, he established ties with the Christian militias in the south before turning to the representative of the Israeli army in the process of creating the so - called «SLA».

Israeli commentators believe that appointed him commander of the brigade to Lebanon in the Israeli army, began to arise story «fine» Lebanon. Ben - Eliezer has been described as among the authors of the foundations of relations between Israel and the Lebanese Forces. Following the invasion of the Litani in 1978 and the occupation of large areas in southern Lebanon, the Israelis set up what is known as the security belt. Ben - Eliezer has been appointed as the first governor of the occupied area , a later form of what is known as the unity of the link with Lebanon.

Ben - Eliezer was the first to open the border «humanitarian purposes» which quickly I called «wall Tayeb» and that it is easily accessible to the «political purposes». Ben - Eliezer was the first Israeli military official sent to represent Israel to the Lebanese Forces and coordinate the training of men and deliver them weapons operations. He arrived in Jounieh in 1976 aboard a ship missiles and was also expensive to arrange visits by Israeli officials to East Beirut, the Lebanese Forces officials visits to Israel.

Ben - Eliezer has established a distinctive personal relationships with the Lebanese Forces commander, Bashir Gemayel, who was elected under Israeli war as President of Lebanon before he was assassinated. In 1983 Ben - Eliezer told in an interview with the newspaper «Maariv» about how the emergence of the special relationship between him and Bashir Gemayel , who was known in Israeli circles his nom de guerre, «Charlie» launched by the Mossad. In the interview , Ben - Eliezer said that the chief of staff asked him if he would like to travel abroad. Shortly after the positive response to stepped up his campaign to ship off the Lebanese coast near Jounieh. From there he moved to the Lebanese ship , where he met Bbshir beautiful and concluded the first formal link between Israel and the Lebanese Forces.

And it raised the Israeli relationship with the beautiful differences within Israel itself. And there were those who wrote against this relationship in the face of believe it. Thus he wrote the famous Ran Odlast commentator in his book «Palestine Dictionary» that « we should give an opinion on how the men mature, officials and serious according to all accepted norms, I actually thought that possible to crowning this small Alazar within the earth data and population and neighbors head». And reversed wrote the commander of the Mossad in Lebanon, Eliezer Tseverir praising Bbshir nice, considering that «hard - working leader, a bold, reliable and stand behind his words ... and also it is a savage as needed».

Generally after demobilization Ben - Eliezer of service in the army he joined politics, he was one of the main arms of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. And before that it was very close to the Defense Minister Ezer Weizman and who used his knowledge of the Arabic language to establish contacts with the Arab parties, especially in Egypt. And it strengthened these relations culminating with isolated Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. It did not prevent this relationship solidified revealed the Egyptian press for the role of Ben - Eliezer in the killing of at least 250 Egyptian prisoners in the 67 war and claimed that Ben - Eliezer that those killed were militants and that they were killed during the fighting in spite of the presence of testimonies from Israeli soldiers confirm that the killing was a crime war. It was Ben - Eliezer , an important role in reaching a gas agreement , which has stirred up controversy and severe differences in Egypt.
Is Lebanon falling from the circle of international attention?
Families of war missing fear of "liquefaction"

Nahar newspaper Alnharotnaolt internal affairs she wrote , "will go Prime Minister Tammam Salam to New York on 19 September next empty - handed. And the fear that enters the United Nations headquarters naked from the government if it decided to cloak "FPM" further escalation until the resignation is what makes the government is actually chartered items and dropping it . And time announced by the Personal Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Lebanon Sigrid Kaag postponement of the Conference International Support Group for Lebanon and headed attention to the French capital a potential replacement, emerged yesterday in Paris indicators can be described as negative toward Lebanon, so that the French President , who opened the "French diplomacy Week" He talked about the role of Paris in the international coalition to fight terrorism in the Middle East and the African continent, and touched on the Syrian files and Iran and Yemen and the Gulf and the Palestinian - Israeli conflict, but he made ​​no mention of any initiative that could be undertaken by his country to resolve the Lebanese constitutional crisis , despite the fact that France did not Tenkvi days all attempts to find solutions to help end the presidential vacuum in Lebanon.

And no mention of Lebanon in the speech of President Hollande confirms what shown by diplomatic sources in Paris for " the day" of the concerns that forgets the international community of the Lebanese crisis , as crises are several in the world , and disappears from the "screens" of many international officials who were wearing Lebanese file in the top of the list negotiations and concerns about the region 's problems. Also feared that the decline in interest to the non - participation of countries at a future meeting for Lebanon. And that the delay held to fall is the sponsor of his success , but will lead to the passage of more time for the absence of Lebanon from the international stage.

At home, it has passed the International Day of the Disappeared and kidnapped yesterday, like every normal day without pause solidarity by families of the missing in the city of Sidon and the neighborhood to remember Missing persons Lebanese war participants carried candles in the hope of the return of a brother or son or father is missing.

It is noteworthy that the International Committee of the Red Cross began working with the families of missing Lebanese to collect samples of DNA by direct checks compared with the bodies of the victims buried in mass graves have not been political consensus after the re - exhumed, which is distributed to all regions. Apprehensive followers source for " the day" that goes on stage to collect DNA for several years and have as their object liquefaction and wasting more time and anesthesia with the missing.

The head of the International Committee of the Red Cross Peter Maurer called on governments to quickly address this humanitarian issue as a "tragedy of harm millions of people, and raises the indifference with consternation."

The Hiatia, in parallel with the movement "Alinvayati", emerged yesterday renewed move to union workers and users of EDL held a press conference talked about what it called "political immorality and sharing the spoils and quotas on the working class account even led to the waste of hundreds of millions of dollars to the owners of capital requirement humiliate the workers and employees and day - workers. "

And regretted "When reached by the political class and the regulatory bodies , " as was the renewal or extension of the companies service providers despite the "data published articles that are no longer accommodate its newspapers, magazines and TV pages against these companies and their failure and neglect and to inflict the institution and the nation and its citizens hundreds of millions of dollars, not to mention the views of the Court accounting and project management committee mandated by the institution, and criticized the Finance Ministry for the performance of those companies ... ".

In the waste file, "Al-Nahar" that the chairman of the Finance and Budget Committee Parliamentary Ibrahim Kanaan held until the small hours of the night yesterday a series of meetings in preparation for the second session of the Commission on the day dedicated to finding a way out of the crisis of the waste in the landfill Bourj Hammoud. He has successively visited the head of the Phalange Party MP Sami Gemayel and MP Michel Murr and general secretary of the party Tashnaq MP Hagop Pakradounian and Agriculture Minister Akram Chehayeb charge of monitoring the implementation of government waste plan and the number of actors involved. He described Kanaan told the "daylight" the Committee session at which the heads of municipal unions concerned participate as a "decisive and important and articulated." He said: "I have passed all the parties need to adopt a transition period to get to a sustainable stage to be a transition period less expensive and better terms and under the supervision of civil society have reached a fundamental solution of administrative decentralization." He added: "It is through the participation of heads of municipal unions in the decision could be argued that from today there is no central authority to decide on behalf of the local authority and this is the first experience in the long path towards administrative decentralization." He stressed that " the solution must be reached today must take into account the non - diversion of our streets and landfills as well as the non - diversion of our coasts dumps."
"Al-Nahar" that work in the clean - up tomorrow will return to its previous status in the areas of Baabda and Metn and Kesrouan as planned in the government 's plan within the ceiling of 1,200 tons intended for landfill and not be exceeded.
The news
Openness to Aoun overthrew Balasira
News newspaper Alabarkme addressed domestic affairs , she wrote "waste returned to the congestion in the streets of Mount Lebanon, waiting Ajtrah solution to the crisis in the Finance and Budget Committee today. In contrast, political clashes subsided, after boycotting ministers Change and Reform Bloc of the session of the Cabinet, after Hezbollah exert efforts for a truce between Speaker Nabih Berri and General Michel Aoun.
It coincides with the anniversary of the absence of the Imam Moussa al - Sadr and his two companions today. In the event , which is preparing to celebrate the Southerners in the festival hosted by Amal in Tyre, directed attention towards the speech of President Nabih Berri , who sources reveal that it will be quiet away from any spasm.
The sources confirm that the ground will not go up in the face of MP Michel Aoun, contrary to what was previously rumored. Despite the threat of Change and Reform bloc not to attend the dialogue session which will take place on the fifth of next September, if not «unification pact concepts and rules applied among all Lebanese ingredients, announcing that his ministers have decided to appeal against all the decrees of the recent meeting of the Council of Ministers», but Berri told the minister Elias Bou Saab declares that it will not escalate positions in the face of General Michel Aoun , the day commemorates the absence of Imam Sadr Festival.
Informed sources said that Hezbollah had made ​​efforts for a truce between allies. The sources spoke on March 8 that Berri met with two of the Secretary - General of Hezbollah , Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah ago, refused to party sources, the Jerry habit to comment on this information. The Berri sources, denied absolutely. Also it denied that Hezbollah has sought to moisturize the relationship between Berri and Aoun, saying: «There is a disagreement between us and a single, and it does not need to enter one. Our beef is simple, which is on the issue of extension of the army commander of the Armed Forces. We Astgrbena What was trading intention Berri escalation in the face of Aoun. President (Road) wrote his speech last Friday, it did not come on Aoun ». On the other hand, sources in the Free Patriotic Movement , confirmed that the current Hezbollah told his displeasure , which reached the things in the public file. Contrary to what is a trader, still insists that the current treatment of what happened at the last Cabinet meeting, which was expressed by the statement of Change and Reform Bloc yesterday. It also Egypt that he will not back down from the appointment of a successor to the commander of the army, nor the mapping file in abeyance to the expiration of the mandate Kahveci extended date, until a defense minister Samir future extension decision alone. The information suggests that the mainstream wants a bit early this file, and to coincide with the table of dialogue, especially that stressful deadlines in light of travel Prime Minister Tammam Salam to New York.
As part of the same crisis, sources in the March 8 confirmed that the FPM told Hezbollah that the Lebanese forces are ready to support the current in the case decided to move down the street.
But insiders on the position of the Lebanese Forces affirm «that the forces did not undertake to take to the street, especially in regards to claim appointed a new commander of the army, knowing that Geagea had already informed Aoun made ​​the position of a public supporter of the extension of the Kahveci, in order to prevent a vacuum if there is no agreement in the Council of Ministers the appointment of a new army chief. As for the demands for partnership and the rights of Christians, even now has not been debate on down to the street for the subject, and while the debate up to this point Forces Command is considering this option at the time ».
In terms of developments on the Lebanese arena, and after the appointment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Walid Al - Bukhari acting embassy in Beirut, following the announcement of referral former Saudi Ambassador Ali Awad Asiri to retire, and despite the rumors about a Saudi decision to reduce diplomatic representation in Lebanon, revealed sources told «News» Asiri to refer to retire came against the backdrop of disciplinary action against him on the back of steps taken previously on the convergence line with a Lebanese political figures without prior coordination with the leadership in Riyadh. The source believes that it is because the rapprochement with MP Michel Aoun , specifically, in addition to other issues related to his relationship Elements of the Saudi monarchy. The sources pointed out that the disciplinary decision issued by the Saudi leadership was to grant Asiri leave open before deciding separated b «discharged» being retired.
On the ground, namely in terms of the growing waste began piling up in the streets, to a degree not spared hospital buildings that besieged waste crisis, the attention today addressed to the Finance and Budget Committee meeting perhaps Ajtrah solution to track waste storage crisis in Bourj Hammoud, which reflected on the population Metn and Kesrouan regions which did not raise the waste from Horeethma.
On the security front, the military intelligence initiative to promote wanted to surrender still resonate widely across the Ain al- Hilweh camp. Hardly a day passes without are required to deliver three or themselves to the army. In this context, two of the most wanted themselves to him yesterday to a military roadblocks in the camp. It should be noted that this initiative is taking place in coordination with the leaders of the Palestinian factions in the camp in preparation for the settlement wanted the situation at a later date, proved to be effective on the wanted a certain degree, but did not record a breach at the level of most wanted dangerous, such as Tawfiq Taha and Shadi Mawlawi and others.

Solidarity with the «News»
Chairman of the Committee on Information and Communications Parliament MP Hassan Fadlallah saw that the decision for the assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri International Tribunal, the right to «News» and its editor colleague Ibrahim al - Amin, is an attack on Lebanese sovereignty. He said the court , which sentenced the «News» and »Secretary» Pegramtin totaling up to 26 thousand euros after being convicted of contempt of court, turned to the practice of political intimidation. He stressed solidarity with the «News» and media freedom in Lebanon. Statement on media relations in Hezbollah also issued expressed solidarity with the «News» and its editor in chief, condemned the decisions of the International Court in this regard, saying it political decisions , not a judicial court , which essentially created to political objectives in the interests of the major powers, and it is not including the justice and law enforcement. And Morocco, the solidarity of the former president's «federal Moroccan journalists» Ahmed and Ihaman with «News», considering the news of the so - called «competent international court assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister former slain Rafik Hariri» on fining the Lebanese Al - Akhbar and its editor , file », surprisingly. Having considered and Ihaman «This ruling of this court void and within the zero judgment , according to legal expression», he saw that the court 's decision «reveals another scandal added to a large number of similar scandals, not least for the withdrawal of Ban Ki - moon , the Kingdom of Saud from the blacklist for crimes war and crimes against humanity in Yemen ».
Amin also denounced the leadership in the movement «Nazarenes independent stationed», Mustafa Hamdan, ruling that the right of the newspaper «News» and Chairman of its Board of Directors. In a statement, Hamdan believed that « the fine confirms that the court is only a means of political blackmail steal the Lebanese people 's money, and they can not , even after a hundred years to discover who assassinated Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, because what is built on falsehood is false», considering that «this Court is the newborn illegal foreign committee of inquiry misled the investigation, and to fabricate false witnesses since the early hours of the assassination of Hariri».
«Pact» .. Tfajkh dialogue and solving the waste back to the Bourj Hammoud
Aoun bloc challenged the government decree .. and «future» calls for Hezbollah to stop slandering
Newspaper Alloabdorha addressed the brigade 's internal affairs , and she wrote , "focused attention on the national dialogue session to be held next Monday, on the fifth of September, on the impact of growing waste crisis interaction, amid a bet parliamentary and my government to be able to Finance and Budget Committee meeting is the second of its kind in the Chamber of Deputies in the presence of the mayors of containing the crisis, through the proposal made ​​by the mayor Bouchria - dam Antoine powerful in the position told him to «brigade» yesterday, that the solution would be to reopen the landfill Bourj Hammoud immediately and lift the waste, and move immediately to study solutions to the crisis after it waste removed from the streets.
If the positions to be launched by Speaker Nabih Berri , in commemoration of the 38 Festival of the absence of the Imam Musa al - Sadr and his two companions at five in the afternoon in the city of Tyre, will be signs on the track , which can be overwhelmingly the Lebanese crisis with the knowledge that sources close to him stressed for «Brigade» that no specific initiative, but his speech will not be devoid of responsible attitudes towards the positions of the inside and outside developments.
These sources close and pointed out «that Speaker Berri will announce its commitment to offering full basketball convenient way out of the political crisis , in particular the presidential election, which will raise the sound need to activate the legislative work and keep the government in this difficult and dangerous conditions, it also will emphasize the importance of continuing bilateral and expanded dialogue, the emphasis on a political solution to the Syrian crisis. »
On the eve of his own speech , Speaker Berri, met in the eye of the fig tree , the headquarters of the Minister of Education and Higher Education Elias Bou Saab delegates from MP Michel Aoun before the bloc reform and change meeting, to put President Barre went Aoun movement in the position taken by the bloc of reform and change , as regards the dialogue and the decision to table the appeal in front of the State Consultative Council of the decisions made ​​by the last session of the Council of Ministers , which means Shell work of the government and make its futile.
The close of the meeting sources quoted the president Berri stressed the importance of the continuation of the agenda to be dialogue, and that representatives from the power to put what they want into the table that takes place on the basis of the sessions table of dialogue, as well as the importance of the continuation of the government and the meetings and the participation of the national trend where as participants key in .

He expected the minister Bou Saab that the violation occurs on September 5, stressing that his movement stood by its objection and position the decisive, but political sources feared booby - trapping the dialogue session on the fifth of September, and emptied of its content, especially since the issue of administrative decentralization is one of the issues of the agenda as well as re - float the efforts to reach a new election law.
the sources told «brigade» that fatigue controversy dialogue session may seem futile about what you put on «pact» in light of the discrepancies in the connotation of this word that President Michel Suleiman criticized the use in the gallery crisis political, as curious about the Constitution , and not of its paradigm.
it was «FPM» linked to address the political crisis through the chapter on government status change pact concept and giving it priority as «entrance to resolve all aspects of the crisis», as MP Alain Aoun expression that he read a statement bloc on journalists.
More seriously , the Aoun movement has not only failed to sign the decrees issued by the government at the last meeting, but decided to review the Council of State which, considering that in the event did not address the dialogue table to interpret the pact «we will be under the risk of losing the value of dialogue and the usefulness and therefore need him or unnecessary to attend its meetings », based on the statement of the bloc.
Contrary to the view that he went to the Aoun movement, she saw« future bloc »that« it sponsor the restoration pact will correct and enhance stability will be to elect a president according to the rules of democracy enshrined in the Constitution ».
she bloc in statement «that the pact will mean the commitment to coexistence between Muslims and Christians and stay away from everything that is contrary to this one live», noting that «practices issued by the Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil violate this great principle».
Having considered «be given a choice of Hezbollah to the Lebanese between the election of General Aoun or the continuation of the vacancy is tantamount to acquiescence to set personal they want as president of Lebanon, because it adopts a choice against the will and interests of the Lebanese people », confirmed that« Lebanon afflicted with the people 's party of weapons and party shirts blacks, armed militia outside of the laws and customs », calling Hezbollah FPM to go down to the council and the election of the President by the Constitution, and to stop slandering the future Movement and charging the political atmosphere.
in the position drew among observers bloc confirmed that the only candidate to head the government is Prime Minister Saad al - Hariri.
Finance and budget and waste
environmentally, for the Finance and budget Committee back today to the meeting in Nejmeh Square to complete the search in the waste file in the light of the objection Falangist on the plan for the landfill Bourj Hammoud, and will attend the Union of municipalities tenderloin which carries specific insights into what singled out this landfill session.
this has been meeting a meeting between MP Sami Gemayel, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, followed by evening meeting between Canaan and Minister Akram Chehayeb, but the information has not benefited all get a certain understanding about what is at stake , without the exclusion of reopening the landfill Bourj Hammoud for a specific period of time after that filled the streets of Metn areas of waste.
and saw a ministerial source said that the step closure of landfill Bourj Hammoud and deadlocked what singled out in this file. Phalanges sources revealed that the party when he agreed to remove waste in the Council of Ministers His goal was not to keep them in the street and not the approval of the plan approved by the government, and lecturer confirms it.
In the context, the head of the new municipality - Bouchria confirmed - the dam in an interview for «brigade» it Do not expect the meeting to be held today (Wednesday) in the Chamber of Deputies and the birth of the solution in the case of the survival of the parties on their positions, stressing that the Union of Metn will be transferred to the two communities united position that «Open landfill Bourj Hammoud and lift up the waste from the streets and then Survey your realistic solutions and practiced censorship because people no longer bear the accumulated waste survival in the streets »,
and stressed Jabara that« waste is not the responsibility of the municipalities, but is capable of processing If you leave it the freedom to move around and it has the potential.
propose decentralized
parallel, and in spite of a quorum for the first time after the postponement of the previous session for non - completion , failed joint parliamentary committees devoted its yesterday to discuss a proposal of administrative decentralization, but produce a sub - committee to start systematically working mechanism required for debate as early as next Tuesday, to draw out commonalities between the proposal of the administrative organization law and administrative decentralization submitted by MP Robert Ghanem, and propose administrative decentralization law submitted by MP Sami Gemayel.
Building the
Syrian army surprised broad attack south of Aleppo ... and regain control of
land to install the balance in order to prevent the collapse of the ... peace and alludes to suspend hearings in the absence of «free»
Aounists decide to boycott cabinet meetings and dialogue ... even recognized by their partner

newspaper Bannaesahevh construction , she wrote , "while busy Americans extinguished the flames between the Turkish and Kurdish Hlliverm, and trying to float a truce accepted by the Kurdish side and announced Ankara 's refusal with the addition of strong criticism of the US characterization of the Turkish role in Syria, and while the Front victory and armed groups seeking to bring the fight to the Hama to ease the pressure on the fronts of Aleppo, which have not Tsafha de speed Mistura aid into Gaza before the attack begins broader Syrian army, as described by sources follow - up to the field south of Aleppo, where he succeeded and Syrian army units, along with allies, control of sensitive fuel hill, and the hill Alqrasi and Alqrasi, architecture and Alborndh Brive Aleppo south and progressing units in colleges and Ramouseh and adults and supervising axes under the cover of intense air raids and artillery shelling center. The sources expected the follow - up to be this broad attack is the culmination of a series of tactical offensives that drained armed groups during the past weeks and prevented them from installing repositioning, for the purpose of this attack was quoted as saying Tenseekiet armed groups to clean up the south of Aleppo and control Ramouseh and restore the situation to what it was before the attack offensive Front victory in response to the army and its allies control Alcastelo crossing, and a spokeswoman for the sealing ring on militants in the whole of their deployment south of Aleppo districts, and uninterrupted communication with the eastern neighborhoods on the one hand, and the Aleppo countryside south toward saved him and Khan Tuman Vadalb on the one hand an interview.
Lebanese, it seems the government crisis at its peak with the aftermath of the last meeting of the government, and what was said by a leading sources in FPM for no point to continue to attend the dialogue sessions and meetings of the government, revealing the decision to boycott cabinet meetings and hearing the next dialogue, after a retreat held by the leadership of the current and change and reform bloc.
in the face of this crisis leads Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri efforts to calm, seeking to save the government from collapse, to confirm in his speech today on the anniversary of the disappearance of Imam Musa al - Sadr on his call to keep the rest of the state structures and institutions and frameworks for communication between the Lebanese, at the top of the House of Representatives and the government and the dialogue, on the base stick Bmithaqih partnership, which goes beyond the concept of a quorum numbers, stands where the responsibility at the borders is not compromised institutions and regularity.
government sources talked about the initiative will be conducted by the Prime Minister Tammam Salam , the outcome of the consultation conducted with the leaders concerned, at the top of the President of the House of Representatives, including suspension of Cabinet sessions until the return of ministers of the free Patriotic Movement, as a message to reassure the stream to uphold as a component Mithakie in the government composition can not ignore its existence.
government crisis ask in return is problematic pact, as a necessity for the privacy of the Lebanese political system, based to the sectarian configuration, for every effort to introduce amendments to the electoral law the mechanisms of government action, constitutional powers presidencies, allows open doors for political reform is based mainly on facilitating the way for the adoption of simple democracy without which there is no place for the work of the founders of the smooth, and imposed by this problem of the complexities in the way of the pursuit of the electoral laws do not include what prevents the existence of a ruling political majorities, assume accept the existence of opposition political minorities, as long as the political configuration interferes sectarian composition of the major political forces.
Berri overlooking today ...
parliament Speaker Nabih Berri , overlooking today, from Tyre in the memory of the absence of the Imam Musa al - Sadr and his two companions. And will be the issue of Imam Sadr title in his most prominent in light of recent developments that have taken place on this issue, and will then tour Barre agreed to developments on the local and regional arenas as well as a brief reading of the international situation. She was appointed fig sources for «constructive» that Speaker Berri «will not submit a new initiative in his speech today, but will renew its commitment to the initiative put forward in the first session of the national dialogue, which consists of 7 points: election of the President of the Republic and consensus on the election and activating the work of the government and approve the administrative decentralization law and others. And there are things that have been achieved such as the adoption Nationality Act and support the army and the remaining basket Berri asked in recent sessions that include the election of the President and the election law and the government. And thus confirm the President of the Council to the dialogue table , constitute a golden opportunity to agree on a solution to the crisis , especially since time is running out and therefore will call Berri political powers that be as much responsibility as Berri and touch on the emerging government crisis and warn all the forces of gravity touch the stability of the government and constantly work and will call to preserve the work that sees Berri that have no interest to play a fate even FPM no interest to disrupt work in the absence of the President and disrupt the work of the parliament, and the withdrawal of government paralysis to beat the last major institution that operates in the country. The sources talked about a permanent and continuous contacts between Berri and all parties to reactivate the work of the government , although it lame, but we must continue to work, and sources ruled out that Berri resort to an escalation in the face of any other component, but stressed that he would bring warning messages to everyone of the seriousness of the situation that we got him and not go any component away in his choices, because the country can no longer tolerate ».
.. and the bloc looms dialogue Province
waved change and reform bloc after its weekly meeting headed by MP Michel Aoun in Rabieh, b« we will be in danger of losing its value and usefulness and not having a dialogue and not necessary to attend its meetings ». He stressed the need to consolidate the concepts of the pact in order to keep a real partnership. He pointed out that « the presidency stuck between two concepts contradictory to chartered items must be respected Christians decision in the first place», adding that « the government and parliament and their meeting, in the absence of a core team requires a common interpretation of the chartered items and legitimacy of the work in the event of the absence of the essential ingredient». Decided bloc appeal to the Shura Council , with all decrees issued at a hearing last Thursday that need signing of all the ministers.
.. And the District government
confirmed ministerial sources in the Change and Reform bloc's «constructive» that the FPM «resolve his dialogue session Province on the fifth of September and the District of session Council of Ministers on the eighth of September. » The sources pointed out «that General Michel Aoun concerned assigned to prepare the appeal , which will be submitted to the Council of State». The sources pointed out « the pressure exercised by the Prime Minister Fouad Siniora on President Tammam Salam to hold hearings and make decisions Bgaabna.» She stressed that the threat of the street did not come yesterday and «Bekir Keteer him».
The sources pointed out that «Parliament chairman Nabih Berri during a meeting with the Minister Elias Bossab wished not to FPM District and Sessions Cabinet table of dialogue, but in fact the atmosphere no longer afford, and Pat recklessness partnership to the chagrin of the majority of Christians. » She asked «Is appointed commander of the army without the consent of the Maronite President Nabih Berri it? Is the commander of the army appointed without the consent of MP Walid Jumblatt it? », Noting that« there is no longer open doors for give and take left idle other team his performance and marginalize us ».
The Bossab briefed Berri on the position of the national mainstream, especially after the crisis experienced by the The government boycott of the last session of the cabinet. He stressed « the seriousness of dealing with this issue and the seriousness of the decisions that could be taken if the subject did not solve».
The transfer Bossab for Berri as saying in regard to the Presidency file «that the understanding is supposed to include a basket, and some did not like the word basket, but the subject of the presidency finds the solution when it gets understanding with other parties on the election law and that the days are numbered before this understanding that can happen, if the intentions good, the dialogue session on September 5 that God wills gets breached in this direction ».
Derbas: solution return Minister hecklers
surprised social Affairs Minister Rashid Derbas in an interview for «constructive» decision change and reform bloc to challenge cabinet decisions, wondering: Is the government passed an item without the consent of the current ?, adding: «Council of Ministers has been no appointment also did not extend any of the security leaders , but the Minister defense is the one who extended the decision from him , according to his powers and in accordance with the laws and the Constitution. » Derbas He believed that « the solution is the return of ministers of the bloc to the Cabinet and discuss everything and every item separately and to ask during the cabinet session on the head of the government revoked the minister kissed a decision on the agenda of the meeting to discuss the inclusion» and added: their right to appeal and the Minister of Defense decisions, but what feasibility appeal the decisions of the cabinet? At any decisions they will challenge? Is it because they are absent from the Cabinet meeting? Is there in the Constitution , this kind of challenge? Derbas pointed out that the Cabinet did not take any pact contradiction they are talking about decisions, and whether the presence of five ministers Maronites of the Council of Ministers and the absence of one minister is a hit for chartered items? On the other hand missed two ministers Maj . Gen. Ashraf Rifi and Nihad Hanged which represent the Future Movement and the year for the same meeting Will arose mollified year on pact?
In the case of the continuation of the bloc to boycott cabinet meetings Derbas said: «wearer would not be calling peace to the hearings, because we are not ready to dispense with ministers of the bloc, understand the key component in the government. In the case of the meeting held would not take important decisions outside the framework of the conduct of the daily routine of citizens affairs until the return of hecklers Minister ». A
meeting of the finance committee on waste
at the level of the waste crisis facing the government again , especially in Bourj Hammoud and Metn and Kesrouan, focused attention to the Finance and Budget Committee meeting today which will be attended by municipal unions in the areas concerned, where the perception is likely to come out of the solution ending the environmental disaster before they escalate. He criticized the head of the Phalange Party MP Sami Gemayel told a news conference, «of targeting the Phalange Party in the waste file», saying «that does not return our position». Confirmed «that what is happening is a process of blackmail in order to be subject to the Phalange Party», said: «Today object to the implementation of the plan, because we are convinced it is bad, and we call on the parties to stand with us to get to the alternative». On
the eve of the finance committee meeting, visited the president MP Ibrahim Kanaan Summer and met the beautiful and discussed the solutions that can be adopted at the earliest , and could pose a health solution to the problem once and for all waste. The Canaan after meeting «that nobody wants to be waste in the street or accept the existence of dumping on the Metn coastline, but we want solutions. We were checked more than one idea at a meeting of the finance committee budget yesterday, and at our meeting today we worked to develop some of them ».