Parliamentary blocs supports the activation of conduct committee for "calendar of Representatives and hold them accountable . "

2016-08-30 12:10:30 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

It parliamentary blocs on Tuesday, support for the activation of the work of the parliamentary behavior, and promised to reform bloc activated "evidence of the keenness of the Council to evaluate the behavior of its members in line with the importance of the legislative and supervisory role," The National Alliance bloc confirmed that it proves that the deputies were "not immune" from accountability, citizen advocates called for a block reform to "begin to reform themselves first."

The presidency of the Iraqi Council of Representatives held, the first on Sunday, the (28 August 2016), held a meeting with the heads of parliamentary blocs and parliamentary committees to discuss the activation of the parliamentary committee behavior and mechanism of action of the Council during the next term.

Terminal: reform should start from the first legislative institution

The head of the citizen Bloc Habib Terminal, said that "the existence of a parliamentary committee to evaluate the behavior of very useful Representatives , " returned that " the Commission if they worked hard and completed 10% of its functions during the remainder of the life of the Council term, gain a good step, you can raise the immunity Attorney abuser and a spoiler. "

The Terminal, " The House of Representatives should look strongly to the issues of lifting the immunity of any one of them because it speaks so much about the reform process should be the legislative institution fit first, it may not be a cleansing tool is impure," as he put it .

He said the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council led by Ammar al - Hakim, "The House of Representatives should adopt the lifting of the immunity of MP abuser strongly, and in the case of a suspicion of corruption on some of its members must be outside and go to the judiciary to say the final word about them," but he also said, "but the lifting of the immunity of MP should have a positive reasons."

The Iraqi parliament has seen a number of cases for the exchange of "beating or insulting" the House of Representatives, especially when intensified debate on controversial issues between the political blocs, the latest of what happened during the interrogation of the finance minister 's meeting, Hoshyar Zebari, last Thursday (25th of August now), where I got scuffles and throw bottles of water between the deputies of the state law and the Kurdistan Alliance.

Kaabi: Activating the Commission is keen on parliament members

For his part, MP for the Reform bloc Tawfiq al - Kaabi, the activation of the committee evaluating the behavior of Representatives, indicates the keenness of the Council to evaluate the behavior of its members in line with the importance of the legislative and supervisory role.

He said al - Kaabi, said that "the Committee of Deputies behavior will follow the behavior of the House of Representatives and alert absent from attending the proceedings and considered in absentia , even if Houdroha later , " noting that " the right of the Speaker of Parliament to lift the immunity of MP if he notices exceeded the limits laid down in the rules of procedure of Parliament."

Kaabi pointed out, that " the formation of the committee confirms the keenness of the Council to evaluate the behavior of MPs in line with the legislative and supervisory role of importance."

Damluji: Deputies are not immune to accountability

Deputy turn confirmed by the National Coalition Maysaloon Damluji, that the deputies "are not immune to accountability or accounting" as some people think is wrong.

She said Maysoon al, " The formation of a committee for the conduct of Parliament came to look at the issue of breaking the parliamentary norms and consider lifting the immunity of deputies," usually there are " a lot of things that do not require the lifting of immunity that are subject to the discretion of the Commission, although the MP could be asked to lift the immunity himself to go to court. "

She leadership in the coalition led by Iyad Allawi, that "some believe an error can not be a complaint against the deputies or accountability while the head of the House of Representatives the same request to lift immunity for himself to go to court."

Despite repeated contact one of the members of the Parliament of behavior that has been recently activated our attempts, but we have not received any response, while others refused to make any statement.

The legal committee of parliamentary, confirmed in the (third from July 2016), that political differences have hindered considering applications filed for the presidency of the parliament to lift the immunity of some lawmakers, as called coalition of state law to adopt a constitution to lift the immunity and "not to succumb to " political and partisan pressures, drew Iraqi coalition forces to the right of the speaker of parliament to lift the immunity of MP if the "accused of a felony.

The Integrity Commission has called in the (19 June 2016), the Parliament to legislate their own laws and lift the immunity of MPs accused of corruption, but the latter took no action to do so.